How to Operate Controls on Caldera Tahitian Spa

hey gang Mike with swimming pool

services here today I want to teach you

guys how to operate the controls on the

new utopia utopia series that Cal there

at spas is offering so the model that

we're using here is a Tahitian and what

I want to show you guys is just how to

operate the various functions that we

have in this spot so when we first walk

up to our hot tub we're always going to

show a screen that's not illuminated and

that's simply to conserve energy as soon

as we hit any of the buttons you're

going to see the screen pop up and so

what we're looking at here is our main

menu and what it shows us is the current

temperature of the water in the center

of the screen and then we've also got a

few menu options in each of the corners

right now we're showing the top left is

memory on the right all off and then we

have a queen function as well if you

look at the bottom of the screen you

notice a few icons it says ready and

power down there and what that's

indicating is that with the ready icon

it's ready to go ready for us to use

it's our set temperature and the power

is indicating that yes we have power and

all our functions can be activated

you'll also notice the flashing icon

there it's like a little light and

that's just indicating that the lights

are currently turned on so on the top

side control panel here we have eight

buttons we have four buttons on the

outside each of them have a word on them

and we refer to those as hard buttons

which means that they just have one hard

function whatever word it says on the

button is pretty much what it does and

then we also have four buttons inside

that you not have any words written on

them and those buttons we refer to as

soft buttons and the soft butt means it

has a soft function which can change as

we get into the different menus here so

each of those buttons the function they

have will correlate with whatever menu

option it gives us in the corner of the

screen so so we can jump right in here

the first function I'd like to show you

guys is the jets so if we hit that chest

button does a couple things it brings up

the jet screen here where we can turn

all the Jets on and off and also you'll

notice it turns that first jet pump on

low speed so we can see right here that

jet too is on low if we hit the soft

button correlated to that it turns that

pump on high

and if we hit that button again it will

turn it off all together and so we could

do the same thing with jet pump one that

one is a single speed pump so we can

turn it on high or we could turn it off

and then we also have a button for jet

max and if we hit that it fires up all

the jets in the hot tub

so we got everything on full-blast there

and the way I was able to turn them off

is with the last option we have down

here for jets off we can hit the jets

the soft button for jets off turn

everything off in one fell swoop and so

that's our jets menu pretty easy stuff

then to go back to the main menu all

I'll do is hit the back button on the

bottom right here and it takes us back

where we started the next menu we'll

look at is the lights menu and so if we

hit lights it gives us the ability to

customize each of the different zones of

lighting that we have within the hot tub

so we have lighting for the topside

underwater the waterfall and the

exterior lights and as an example just

to illustrate it we'll only do the

underwater lights here so if I hit the

soft button for the underwater lights it

takes us into a submenu with a few

different options we've got a dimmer

collar selector we could turn those

lights off or we could go back to the

lighting options which just takes us

back to that previous menu so for the

dimmer right now it's on 3 which is the

height that goes if I hit that button it

goes down to 2 and the lights have

dimmed a little bit if I hit it again

down to 1/3 the dimmer and the last time

those underwater lights are now turned

off so we have the ability to brighten

or dim those lights or turn off

different sections if we wish to then

with the color selector right now we

have the loop on so I don't know how

will you see it so those lights are

constantly changing colors right now but

if we wanted to we could hit the soft

button next to the color selector and if

I wanted to I could pick blue or in the

go or I could scroll if I like emerald

better it gives me the ability to scroll

and then I can pick whatever color I

want it to be right now it's on Ruby or

now I'm back to Luke so with the loop

function all the lights that are set to

loop are looping on the same loop so

they're all going at the same consistent

rate and then if I wanted to I could

turn those lights off as well and you'll

notice because we're in the sub menu for

the underwater lights that that's the

only thing we're impacting and then if

we wanted to we could hit lighting

options to go back or we could even just

hit the back button takes us back to the

previous menu and so that functionality

we looked at is the same for all the

different lighting sections of the


so then we have an options menu and

within the options initially we just get

two choices we have temperature and

setup so we'll go into temperature first

that's pretty easy so for temperature a

few different things we can do here

we've got a temperature lock so if I

wanted to if I want the top subset at 97

degrees and I don't want anybody to come

in and accidentally change it I could

turn that temp lock on and that way it's

going to keep that temperature set where

I want it if I wanted to change it from

Fahrenheit to Celsius I can do that here

as well but then over on the right

there's an up and a down arrow and so

these two soft buttons here are for

turning that temperature up and down if

I so desired and so it's kind of nice

having the temperature as submenu

because you nobody can ask really

accidentally change the temperature you

have to go into the menu to actually

adjust it so the other option we have

here is set up and we've been set up we

have a number of different things we can

do we have a spa lock a summer timer

brightness or more then more we've got

an auto clean cycle language and auto

exterior lights so I'm going to head

back take us back to first set of menus

so first we'll go into spa lock with

spot lock if we turn that on what that

does is gives us a little bit of

security in that nobody can use any of

the functions in the hot tub without the

proper combination to unlock it and so

right now I can't go back I can't do

anything with my life my jet I can't do

anything until I enter the correct

combination to unlock the spot and the

way we would do that is with the options

and lights button and so I just held

those two buttons down for about three

seconds and that's what unlocks the spot

so now we have all of our functionality

back so I can go back into that options

menu and back to setup and so now it

shows us the spot lock is off next we

have a summer timer and a summer timer

given that we're in the state of

Wisconsin is one of the only functions

that I don't ever have my customers use

the reason we don't use it is because

our summers usually are not brutal

enough to where we have to worry about

the spa being too warm the summer timer

is really designed more for climates

such as California Arizona Texas places

where it's so hot that we now have ways

to cool down our hot tubs if we need to

but for us here in Wisconsin it's never

really an issue so not something that we

ever really use with that summer timer

with the brightness however if we wanted

to let that simply sorry turned out on

me what the brightness controls is just

the brightness of this screen

seeing those are getting dimmer and

dinner or at the brightest right there

and then we can also do more for more we

have language which we usually just

leave alone Auto exterior lights if we

turn that function on what that would do

is every day at whatever time of day we

turned it on the lights on the exterior

of the spa would turn on automatically

so you can see the lights here there's a

light built into each of the corners on

these spots and so if I were to turn

that on right now every day at this time

those auto exterior lights with chicken

and they stay on for six hours that's a

lot of people will use that if they want

to get home from work and see this

follow it up and it reminds them all -

lets get out there and enjoy it tonight

so that's a very popular function that

we offer and then we also have an auto

clean cycle so similar to the auto

exterior lights in that if I turn that

function on what that's going to do is

every day at this time the Jets will

automatically pick on

and the idea there is it just gives you

some added circulation of the water

added filtration it just helps to keep

the water cleaner the more we're able to

push that water through the filter the

less we typically will need with

chemicals and other maintenance so the

auto clean cycle is a very popular

function and certainly doesn't prevent

people from getting in it's just the

Jets going through an automatic cycle

pushing the water so if somebody were to

come out here and the chats we're on

from Laurel clean cycles not going to

stop you from hopping in you can turn

the other jets on interrupt the cycle

escape too as well

and so that covers the menus that we

have with the hard functions the last

two components that we have are the soft

options on the main home screen so we'll

start with the all off function the all

off is really nice because if we hit

that button what it does is it turns off

everything in the hot tub and so if we

have jets on lights on it just ticks

everything off I'll give you a

demonstration I just want to turn

everything on quick

okay so right now everything in the hot

tub is going everything is running full


if I hit that ball off button one button

turns everything in the spa off

so all adjusts the lights everything it

kicked off which brings us to another

really neat function and that's in the

top left-hand corner here we have a

function called memory and what the

memory button does is it takes us back

to the last setting we had active when

that all off button was pushed so here

if I use the memory button it's going to

turn everything back on the way it's


and so what a lot of people do as far as

our customers go is they really only

ever use those two buttons and when it

comes to using the hot tub because they

hit one button for memory to bring all

their Jets to my life settings back to

the desired the desired setting and I

hit all off when they hop out so really

great way to just be able to press one

button and get in press one button when

getting out last option we have here is

the clean cycle and with the clean cycle

what that simply does is it runs that

jet pump on high-speed for 10 minutes

and then it would automatically shut off

and the idea there is if say I'm adding

some chemicals to bounce or treat the

water it's going to be able to disperse

and move those chemicals around for 10

minutes and then it will automatically

shut off or another instance where

somebody might use that as if they had a

whole bunch of people in the hot tub and

taking food or beverages or maybe

something that spilled or introduced to

the hot tub that isn't typically there

we could run that clean cycle after

everybody hops out and that would just

keep moving the water and trying to

filter out anything that's not supposed

to be there so that covers the

functionality that we have available

with the topside caldera utopia series

spas on the Utopia series we do have one

more option for control and that is over


we have what is called an auxilary

control and with the auxilary control we

have the ability to access all the same

functions that are available on the

normal topside we can turn on each one

of the jet pumps as well as the lights

so if I was in the hot tub long enough

and all those features shut off if I

wanted to I could reach over and turn

the Jets back behind


if I wanted to I could turn them back

off if I didn't want them for whatever

reason I can turn the lights on as well

if I wish and if I didn't want the

lights or if I wanted to dim them I

could keep hitting that lights button

and turn them off that way too so a

really nice feature on the caldera

utopia series is that we can control the

spa and all of its features from more

than one spot in my hot tub so that's

all I have for you guys today I hope

this video was helpful and if you have

any questions about controlling your

utopia series spa that weren't answered

in this video don't hesitate to give us

a call to six two five four four five

five zero zero or you can check our

website as well and we're able to offer

you guys a lot of resources for

understanding how your hot two works

thanks guys