2000 Cadillac DeVille won't lock/unlock doors, not open trunk and gas tank! Solution!!!

hi good morning my name is Caillou I'm

from Brazil I try help somebody else

with problemo

- with you the Cadillac mm devil morph

star okay my problem here is basically

no works they lock the doors

the button in the door here okay

in the - no works the trunk is a gas

tank door here okay so I show here

turning the ignition here there start

the car

so happy any called now fear their check

engine light soon but it is this one

4300 these normally is the problem they

may fold had some a leaky there and the

Maypole here here's a nice hole normally

have a silly leaky side here in the Phi

you know the five here so that it is

twice usually spray with the scope

you'll find some bubble now they have

the leak okay

but it is a calculator for now I am a

focused in a problem with the ball off

the front and the lock the doors either

gas tank okay so basically you need to

make sure they're really is good for it

okay and in the Cadillac you'll have one

fuse box in under their rear TT here

you'll see there were your speedy here

so disassemble it okay you'll have it is

here okay

and you have one second this yield box

in the prone to the car visual here you

throw to the car okay

you'll have other few boxes but in the

manual we pair then show the problem is

here in the rear seat okay he'll check

the diagram here because when you have

the Box the Box coming from like it is

okay you're already here

you'll see the big feels here it it

feels the bigger fuses there okay so

this is the diagram position either

really 52 in 50 this 52 here 52 and the

fifties the fifties he controlled the

gas tank and the door okay if 52 is the

trunk so you remove you won okay

the removal one you make sure they're

really is will be first because the more

you to change the ruling how you're

doing to check what it is good there is

not you'll take one transformer from

transformer like it is okay

he'll take you one more word you'll see

they call this or the pings 85e

deep so try show here but it has never

will eighty five eighty eight seven and

thirty okay normally open it is 3087

and the 85 the 86 is the magnet okay so

to take you to more multimeter or

multimeter you put the multimeter

selected in 1408 compete over here okay

make sure you work for it look you're


20/20 only 38 788 7/3 Oh works okay

don't have computer here but you use it

for you use the 12 volts here he 85 cat6

no matter if it's positive and negative

because it's just one red says you'll

hear one little click you hear the click

this means a work but it is not many he

makes it continually you need to make

sure with a multimeter if they continue


you're here so this really is good okay

you're told

eight seven and thirty is all you see

here he's doing continuing okay this

really is good okay

you are sure there really is good you're

going ahead you're going there in a box

the fuse box again

okay make sure he have a co-occurrence

there okay also take over a bitter man

like is another hundred again I put it

well votes from Chino its current when

is looking for type water quality here

even black there

okay so I have

like what the great

I had a 12 volt so 14 volts because in

this case the alternator working he gave

it to me 14 volts but if you turn off

the car no for simple heavy 12 it's just

for cause the alternator okay so this

means we're heavy currents 12 volts the

position really is age 7 eternity there

ok because some people then share the

position really poor people they really

like this is wrong no use there really

like this because the position with the

7/3 going in the correct position is

this position the really ok important

you respected position really there

really if you change position then go 85

in seeking incorrect position ok very

important respected position really is

this you check the name here what's

wrong ok he going there it is not

original really you buy all the one new

one you know coming to the name here but

you need to show respect to the position

87 be 38 7 is here

the third is there okay so everything's

working good you have a current here ok

12 volts

but us what are the second is the 30

step the third step make sure the

throttle works so you disconnect to hear

the multimeter the bowl for Wars okay

and it will make one short you thought

these here the negative entertain with

both you in supposedly they threaten it

open you open you see here the prop open

it with me the lock working good

everything's good okay so you have a

really good really is good okay what do

you checking now you check the ground

you are in the - bottom there okay you

know neither take you off the whole

thing to hear the bottom complete okay

you now you start to make it to ask you

to make sure

the police booth okay so hey give this

example of the connector

you'll see I separate

this brother

okay so now you take the multimeter

we'll put them all together in a

continue again okay anyway make sure

it's good

always make the ball check make sure

they could a they're able to be there

working good well you know here is good

stop the car I stopped a little bit to

the car to hear better okay so now here

in the button the compare the joystick

or controller okay you put it here the

negative here at the moment of course

okay okay now I show here you'll have

here the negative the multimeter there

in the third here because you just have

three pins here okay the last one here

you put the then fold the negative the

multimeter in now you come here you

press the button for example press the

button the detract

okay you start for the track okay we're

going to track and thought the little

little things hard to find position here

because they're going by myself my wife

is not here to help me no give it any

continuing in the third one the third

pin there

I have continuous okay but inside I know

I stopped you press the button I don't

have anymore I press the button I have

pressed the press no don't have a

container here this means they putted at

the bottom the model here is good okay

now I change I change for the door or

get sent here the door okay I start

press him okay

is it look he the first be there

turn it off turn on is good is me all

all button the model here is good no the

last step to make sure the wars the war

is good here okay you put the ground the

multimeter in some both something to the

ball to the car to take the negative

from the battery okay and it's this case

I collect here in the war ended at not

here or in the in the bowl to here okay

now I have here I have continued so in

the manual then say the pinky white the

pinky white is the gas tank door okay so

we'll told you here

you'll need it

Jay Kapoor volts though okay because

it's posed to you both due to the ground

is negative I have their vault is there


they make sure it's good there well the

war PCYC heavy folks okay

use me they the war is not good okay

no the black war is predicted a the

trunk okay the same thing you see it you

have a holster okay your putti here

because the positive there in the back

in the black you have positive come

energy here

so the war is not cut is perfect okay

now you change for continuous because

you check the ground you are okay

I came for the pontine with their make

sure the multimeter working your here is

continuing okay you're going the black

you white world

the black white is ground negative okay

you told you here he'll here

look you're here you pull to the back

here you'll have the pink exposed here

it's August this look the black is white

you are the black white okay the black

and white is good have a ground so you

have a positive in the penalty white war

in the black complete war you have it

posted to 12 volts okay and the black

you whitey ground the negative if you

have continued so everything is good

okay everything good really bottling the

- is good the war ground is good too so

hey the lock is perfect because you jump

it here you did one short here with the

worse it the trunk open it so everything

is good you'll say to yourself

oh my god everything's good is working

good here where is the problem

well the problem is in the OEM this box

here give the name is kingless scaleless

keyless entry mode lee or computer this

little box is inside the trunk okay

we'll have the drunky here show to

everybody okay the trunk is here you go

inside there you'll take you off the

carpet okay the covert here the carpet

okay you're going here easy fair the

bottom there where you have the speaker

the biggest speaker here okay you have a

little box hide there look at this

here keep going there you

see is there in the free all that this

box here is responsible for

I'll lock doors the trunk door it again

stanky door when you press the button

the remote to lock and lock the doors

open the trunk in the little remote okay

he received the signal okay

we say to see you know when you open

lock is open close the doors open close

the front you know this guy here okay I

show the number the number party is two

five six nine twenty seventy three okay

if this guy here I'll look at the number

two five six nine 2073 so you are sure

everything is good feels eerily war is

not broken so you're going directly here

these you can find it they use it for

$25 $30 sometimes that for $50 you know

you can go to junkyard to be buy for $30

you know $50 depending so I try help

somebody else because if you price

research in Internet you don't have any

bars to speak about this guy here this

model here this computer here they

people speak about the words you speak

about the codes in the museum very

scanner to try find something cold

everything this this is not the solution

solutions this here this guy I hope we

have helped somebody else everybody have

a nice day a this this car is a


electrical speaking okay that lack is

complicated but I work on about

this car learning a lot I do it by

myself so I think the spirit is this

everybody try sharing knowledge

it might help somebody else in somewhere

you know thank you so much have a nice

day to everybody