today I would like to make a quick video

about those modems from Aires SB six one

eight three so as the title of this

video go is how to switch from spectrum

or in this case charter to any area like

other providers such as well in this

case for us is another cable provider

reason why I want to make this video

because yesterday I'm trying to find on

the video how to do it I wasn't able to

find it so I would like to just make a

quick video about it so when you switch

from spectrum to Wow in this case in

Ohio and you will experience a

tremendously issue of the carrier like

spectrum like to lock their motor up but

so that I guess so for security purpose

I don't know exactly what reason they do

that but because you would think oh you

bought this modem with your own money

you should be able to take whatever you

wish to but no they decided to lock it

but when you cancel your account you

want them before you cancel your account

you have to make sure that you take this

motor off your account before you leave

spectrum that way you don't get screwed

over because then you be like well I

can't I can't like use this motor

anymore well I should no that's not true

there's way to do it you just need to

call customer service tell them to take

off the account because giving your

account is deactivated but you still be

able to take this motor off of it the

other thing you could do is if you have

friends that use your spectrum obviously

if they know what they do want or they

know what the heck is going on tell them

to activate on their account first and

then tell the customer services say

hey can you take this motor off

completely so that I can sell this motor

that's all you need to say to them and

that's how I bypassed mine since I

canceled a spectrum and basically you

make sure you have a dr account and say

as soon as they take it off you need to

do another thing what just go to a

website that is called modem

configuration page some of you guys

might know is this page right here it's

one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot

100.1 so this modem basically was sent

you straight to the airs configuration

modem right here alright so you can see

pull it up so what we want to do is

bypass all of those nonsense and go down

there to configure configuration and so

because this one doesn't have reset

that's fine but you will see a reset on

the bottom right around this area after

you get it and this is only work on the

s SP six 183 modem as far as I know so

be sure that you follow the procedure

but when you do that when when did you

will need this is when the light on the

power and they're sent and receive

what's basically the internet provider

will call it up or down or down up

whatever this light is because you can

barely see you so this one looked like a

doubt and just one look like up so so

basically don't air it right here up

there right here so

and receive so when this like constantly

like for example I plug into a cable

modem - Wow cable modem whilst wire and

the light just constantly cycle like

powers and we see then never hit the

internet like never hit the internet

like so then that's the course that you

want to take action of going to one

ninety two dot one sixty eight dot 100.1

and then you will see the option to

reset and in that page also you have a

lot more configuration such as disable

the light so turn off the front panel

LED which is are gonna do that just so I

can show you and you just like disable

there it's actually pretty quick

all right

let's just send that over but it didn't

no let's try it again

let's see enable the first ah that's

what you do so you enabled it to turn

off the front of the light and so if you

put this in the bedroom that's one of

the feature that you can get out of it

so this modem it's very bright so you

don't want to try to sleep with the bad

boy oh so that's kind of good feature if

you are um wow that you can do that

because specs when they kind of disable

all the stupid feature I don't like it

but it's not my company to be decided

and also I don't understand why in the

world are you even get your own mode in

one spectrum because spectrum give you

for free as a recording of 2019 of July

second so just keep mine don't even

bother to buy your home own and what

spectral inspector I'm gonna give you

for free and the one that I got is that

II as Oliphant three 1ts tiger and then

to version one a v1 so that Mona is

DOCSIS one a duck says three point one

so that Mona is plenty enough for a one

gig Ethernet speed what you say if you

have it

I never test mine to one gig because I

have spectrum 30 Meg what the internet

says I'm not shaded to say it but it is

just I qualifies way long time ago so I

kept in my package because it's just so

darn good deal so again if you can

maximize your profit or internet search

of which 15 then 15 bucks basically

that's great deal it's like 30 makes

still great but this one is 500 mil so

that is a big jump and big improvement

but again for me it really doesn't

matter because when I had 30 Meg I

didn't have issue because I have Google

mesh point but Google mash point is you

know it's great and not other mesh

pointer has it's called or B or B

through neck ear that is solid device as

well if you ever want to check into it

so if you have 500 above I will highly

suggest you check into the or B one just

because Google Wi-Fi also supports 500

recently but when I bought it at the

point it was like only 250 but now I

think they finally released a update to

support 500 what's good for Google

because Google have Google Fiber and

they should support their own service so

that's kind of funny how it all came

around so yep basically this is all the

all we got right here and let me turn

off the flashlight so you can see this

light it's only power and just by itself

is pretty ok bright let me see uh-huh so

this is what I'm talking about look like

this is sent receipt Internet so this is

I'm talking about so power sent receipt

and then hold it right there and then

for like three seconds and then go back

to blinking sent receipt so yep so now

hopefully you understand this video and

not a quick fix of I when you switch

from spectrum - Wow

or matter of fact any other carrier that

supports modem ok a coaxial cable so

that's basically and thank you for

watching and this is the motor of sp6

183 so in my work on the SB 6 141 as

well but if you don't have a reset

button on the bottom like month

Monda says refurbished because it is

refurbished and it works just great

that's the new one so if you want to

reset button on the back of it that's

what you do so thank you for watching

and I'll see you guys next time on the

next blog of my tutorial and I hope to

continue brain contact

and now I can go upload this video in

the blazing second because my upload

speed is 550 Meg so that's great