HON File Cabinet, Desk or Cubicle Office Furniture Key and Lock Help

so right now you're thinking I need a

new lock for my Han furniture but where

do I even start

well easy keys calm is here to help

first of all you should know that Han

locks are sometimes placed in other

brands of furniture such as all steel

office image office depot office max

staples and Office impression

the most common lock plug series is the

E Series and it uses the same keys as

the H in our s and T series as long as

the three digits match if your lock core

is round and ranges from 101 e to 225 e

you can order a replacement core by

clicking check inventory underneath the

picture of the core to add them to your


each eseries core comes with an adapter

piece just in case your mechanism needs

it to hold it into place don't forget to

purchase the CK honk or removal key if

you don't have one already the core

removal key removes an installed lock

course for the entire series if your

current lock is an oval pushin style

lock and ranges from 3:01 e to 450 e you

would need one of our PTR locks instead

just make sure to check and see if you

need the one that is held in by a pin or

screw if you aren't able to see it

because your furniture is locked you

would first need to purchase a

replacement key if you have a punch a

hole in your furniture with no lock

currently in place you would have two

options if your hole is oval one being

our F 26 lock kit which would include

the housing along with a pushin style

lock already in place the other being

our SC 10 pin tumbler lock kit as long

as you also purchase the adapter ring a

pin tumbler lock has pins inside the

lock instead of wafers and is a higher

security option our FC 10 pin tumbler

lock kit can also be placed in HoN

pieces of furniture where you have a

round punch out hole instead ez keys com

making just another office day

well easy