How to Pick a Lock (For Beginners)

to pick a lock you're going to need a

paperclip or a bobby pin and for the

bobby pin you're going to have to take

off the little plastic tip on the end

and something that you can get some

leverage stick it in the lock and push

up I'm using a uniball pen thing that

you put on your shirt to keep your pin

on your shirt that works really well

just a pin called uniball a lot of

people use that and for your paper clip

or bobby pin you need to bend the tip at

just a little angle like that it's not

very much but you'll need that I'm going

to be picking a filing cabinet right now

it is unlocked but I'm going to get this

lever right here facing upwards once I

lock it I'm going to use my pen lever

put it at the top of this the opposite

sides of the gold pins on in the lock

you can look in the lock and see little

gold pins so minor my gold pins are on

the bum so I'm going to put this on the

top and push up with it

keeping the leverage while I'm picking

with my paper clip as I'm pushing up

with my pin clip I'm going to take my

paper clip and put it right in here

above the golden pins start rubbing it

back and forth because the objective of

this is to push down all the gold pins

that your key usually pushes down and

open up whatever you're trying to open

in this case I have a filing cabinet

then it keep on pushing it and sometimes

you can look and see which one's you

need sometimes there's one in the back

so you can make your angle better and

get the ones in the back without

touching the front ones I've already

been pushed there

and I got that pretty quick but it can

take like three minutes that was only

like fifty second uh put it back over

right now

it's in the locked position they can't

shut I need to get it going

going that way so I push this up

actually I'm going to use this put it

this way and push down and then I'm

going to take my paper cook and go on

the top this town and hopefully I can

shut it just as easily that I locked it