How to pick a Lock with Paperclips - A tutorial with Halfmonty

hey everybody its half monty and I

suppose if you click on this light link

you want to be like MacGyver or maybe

you're locked out of your place and

you're looking this up real quick but

it's how to pick a lock with two paper

clips that's what I got and picking

locks not that hard but it's not easy

not simple you gotta know what you're


so drew diagrams if you can see the this

in this ermahgerd diagrams just to

forget about that one um so this is the

inside of the lock

supposedly um and these are the pins and

I have four pins here obviously

different locks have different runs of

pins sometimes it's three sometimes it's

five whatever and uh each pin has like a

break in it that once you lined it up

with the top like say if you put a key

in and pushes those pins to their

certain spot where that has a break in

it then the lock can rotate and it'll

rotate too like sometimes all the way

around to the same pins or sometimes

it'll rotate 45 degrees or whatever and

then there'll be another set of pins but

yeah that's a piece of concept that to

put pins in deeply pushed up to the

exact point of where they catch and then

you can rotate the whole cylinder and

that's that's basically how the lock

works that's kind of necessary in order

to do this now as far as what you're

gonna need you're gonna need basically

two paper clips one of them I curled the

end into a little hook the not very easy

to do you're gonna need something to I

use the stapler actually just anything

you can use to kind of squeeze that to a

nice sharp little end it's bent kind of

weird just because that's how I've been

using it um and then this is gonna be

your rake and this is gonna be your

tensioner tensioners needed to apply

well attention to the lock itself and

the rake is to move the pins now

I have a very simple lock here and to

demonstrate it's unlocked

yeah unlocked I'm going to attempt to

lock it I don't have the key wondering

if I could do this that's that I can so

what I do is with a little hook I am

kind of stick that in there and actually

I'm gonna change the angle of this to

this way so it's kind of a little out of

the way now what you do is you can see

the lock kind of turn I'm not blocking

the light the lock turns you want to

apply tension in the directions the lock

is supposed to go let's see here okay

and now I'm just gonna do a couple

breaks on the pins breaking basically

means is that was pretty easy

raking is basically just scraping along

the pins and because you're adding

tension as soon as the pin break hits

the spot where it's supposed to it

catches and not all locks are easy to

rake but uh see here turn that all the

way I'm gonna tensioners not that strong

can we use the back end of the there we

go back end of the paperclip to finish

it off and now it's locked and I can't

unlock it because it went all the way

and see what fooling you here that is

that is locked okay and uh can't just

can't just turn that back so I'm gonna

have to actually I don't want that

undone okay there we go now I need to

apply tension in the opposite direction

get my rake here now this is obviously

not like the best lock in the world here

Jimmy give it to me dirty little ho come


attention is going all over the place

can I do it can I do it of course I

can't now if you can't get this on the

first try

don't be discouraged you're doing using

paper clips

especially on a good house lock like a

schlager slate or whatever this no-good

brand of lock it's not gonna be that


alright you reset you cap in got caught

in the wrong spot

while this is not going of course the

first one went easy also don't get

frustrated I wants to open up it'll open


now hopefully you weren't gonna use this

for getting into people's houses or


and again house locks are different

you're gonna need a better tools and

probably paper clips they'll just work

for most simple locks I think there's

one pin back there I just can't quite

get in a spot I also gained a feel for

it the more you do it there we go

finally probably couldn't even see any

of that happen but there we go unlocked

it and that that was difficult um my

second one was but that is how to

lockpick with two paper clips and don't

do anything bad but hopefully I will

save a few you from like 60 bucks

spending on locksmith if you lock

yourself out of somewhere I've actually

done the house my own house before so

it's possible with just whatever you

find but that space and premise of it

and if I can do it you can do it it's

been half my fee you had a pick a lot