How to fix "locked" gm radio yourself

hey everyone my name is Craig from

flying wheels welcome to my flying

wheels youtube channel I have a Hummer

h2 that I'm replacing the radio on this

radio is the same from 99 to about 2006

in all Chevy and GM trucks works with

the Cadillac Escalades works with the

h2s the 1500 Silverados the 2500

Silverados the Yukons the Tahoe's all of

them are pretty much the same

plug-and-play radio the problem is these

radios are encoded to the VIN of the

vehicle they're programmed to a previous

vehicle so if you try to swap out a

radio there's an anti-theft device

inside internally in the radio that

won't allow you to plug the radio into a

new vehicle and let it work so you'll

see here it just says locked

well again like I said it's

plug-and-play so you plug it in and the

radio powers up but I'm getting no sound

out of it a lot of times what I've read

on the Internet is if I press one in for

and hold a code will come up you can

call an 800 number or I've read that you

can hold 2 & 3 a number comes up on the

radio display you can call the 800

number they give you the code again the

other option is to go to GM and have

them program the new radio to the new

VIN of the new vehicle well it's $150 so

if you don't wanna spend the hundred

fifty dollars I'm going to show you

today how to cheat the radio to get it

to work in your new car the first thing

we're gonna do after we remove the radio

is flip the radio upside down and we're

gonna pry the bottom cover off just by

taking a small flathead screwdriver and

prying this hole over the nipples on all

sides of the radio well this radio has a

tape deck so with some 5 millimeter

bolts we just took them out we're gonna

pull this forward and right here this

piece right there is what we'll be

removing that is the EEPROM eep are OEM

and try that out and see if it work so

here it is right here we just kind of

wiggled it out I'm gonna remove it so if

you don't have a tape deck you wouldn't

have had to remove and replace this but

obviously make sure when you put the

tape deck back in its face the right way

otherwise you're not gonna really get

you cassettes back in there if you still

have cassettes now here is the part

right here let's see where is it on the

camera right there part number is

three five five oh nine three I believe

okay well we have it plugged in start

the car up is gonna say locked

it does not say locked it's gonna suit

the DVD out I mean I had a let's see

what was in here need to breathe by

rivers in the wasteland turn on

calibration error that should go away in

a second and there we go we have our

radio so that is how you unlock the

radio now fair warning I did read that

it may not memorize your presets I'm not

sure about that and I guess calibration

error is gonna have to come up every

time so if we go to 98.1 let's see if we

hold it I think we have it memorized

let's try again

alright 98.1 we'll shut it off start it

up again

does it remember we were on 98.1 yep it

doesn't remember your presets that's the

only drawback to this hopefully this

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