2016 Buick Encore Technology

and I want to go into and talk about a

little bit of the technology that is in

the 2016 encore a lot of the display and

the way that it is set up again with how

I'm touching the home button and those

are your apps there now obviously

there's more than one way to get into

those different things so for instance

let's just go to our now playing screen

which will show your FM XM AM or for

instance if you have a CD in that would

be another option this also has

bluetooth in which you can stream

straight from your phone a lot of people

will ask - they will see the Pandora P

there and ask you know does the vehicle

have Pandora it does the difference is

that it's still pulling from your cell

phone so I try to tell a lot of

customers depending on the type of plan

that you have set up with your cell

provider just to make sure that you

recognize that you are still streaming

the data from your phone something new

to the encore towards in the last year

and now is on all of our 16 models is

the Wi-Fi hotspot the Jam offers to you

and it is through the on scarf and it is

actually provided by AT&T we're gonna go

to the navigation always going to want

to say that we won on greet our

disclaimer as you can see that's what

the navigation screen would look like

the backup camera is something that does

come standard in the Buick Encore and as

you can see each time that you go and

turn the wheel it can actually give you

guidelines so if you were somebody

that's always like to back into their

parking spot now it's a little bit of a

cheater for you for more information on

the Buick Encore please be sure to visit

my other videos