Easy Radio Unlock - Chevy 2002 - 2008 GMC Buick Pontiac Cadillac

hi today I'm going to quickly show you

how to unlock a radio frequently used

between 2002 and 2008 in Chevrolet's

this will include GMC Pontiac Buicks and

Cadillacs and they have a theft lock

system in them that is tied to the VIN

number so if you try to swap the radios

out it will often lock itself and you

would need to take it to a dealer

typically and they may charge you a

hundred or two hundred dollars to

program it for you using the tools that

they have available I'm going to show

you a way to bypass that and it may not

work permanently you may have to do this

each time you want to listen to the

radio but if you don't want to pay the

fee this is another way to get the radio

to work without paying the dealer to

program it for you simply hold down the

number-5 key on the radio while at the

same time you're holding down the seek

key forward so you're going to hold down

the C key forward and you're going to

hold down the v key okay and while

you're holding that down go ahead and

push the power key and the radio if it's

plugged in properly should power on for

you and you'll have access to your radio

your CD player and if you have the

optional cassette you can play cassettes

as well so I hope that's been helpful

again simply hold down the five key the

seek forward key and then push your

power key and you may again need to do

that each time you use your radio so I

hope that again has been helpful if it

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questions there and thank you for your

time and I hope this works

for you