Getting a Buick Century trunk open without the key

hey guys I got a free rough task ahead

I'm here it seems I don't have a trunk

key for this Buick so I can't get the

trunk open

there's no popper in there this car is

such a low line car it didn't have a

electronic popper button so pulled the

back seat out it's in there now which

was pretty easy I just pulled up on the

bottom it's got these little key keys

that you just pull out and it pulls up

and slides out and then the backseat

it's got nothing holding it there and

one over another side as well and then

you just lift it kind of up like slide

it upwards into them clips from where it

goes so the fun part is got this carpet

up I got to go in there with a

screwdriver and see if I can then undo

the latch and I don't know what's in

this trunk but I've already seen some

shoes and I don't know what this is hmm

yep you know it's like I've said I'm not

trying to rag on poor people but that's

the that's the hallmark of a poor

person's car is clothes if they in

position in the world it's going to be


no I don't just stuck in your head yeah

well oh this car does that my popper on

look at that I think that's a popper so

if it's got the popper on it then that

means that I can just get a button and I

won't even have to get it front key for

it maybe let's say in the meantime well

it's hot in here

big shoes out what what I did this crap

let's run in here I'm glad I'm not


Wow know if you can see that yeah well I

guess that's the buck a popper button

yeah how's it gonna work

I set the camera down yeah yeah yeah and

see if I can do something here no that's

not working that's just a silver yeah

yes what's hot in here okay uh let me

try something here oh [ __ ] I got to go

get something else to figure out back


who sees these are out okay just see if

I can say what's going on here

you're supposed to be able to yeah

that's the thing

whoops that's the back of the laksa zone

right there and he's supposed to be able

to turn that thing you let pop it down

down there oh let me see what I can do

here I think it's about 2,000 degrees in


no that doesn't work so I think I'm

going to do is I don't want to tear this

up got a cable in there just think come

off of that oh okay all right let's see

what I did here okay I just pulled them

off a table it's kind of hard you find a

yellow camera the same time and I'll try

to whoops

I get this backed up a little bit here

that's the end of something

let's be the releaser so okay so if you

can say that go hallway it right there

little square so let me try turning that

with my screwdriver tell you what

nothing quite like being in a trunk with

stuff you don't know what's in here

oh there we go help help me please

somebody open the truck I spin oh no

I've been kidnapped

what's that alright let me get out of


Jesus I put the camera down tonight for


okay sure don't wanna do that again look

excuse me

well it's still a little inventory here

oh okay guess what like I've always said

here is the mark of a poor person's car

and I'm sorry people are poor but there

it is cheap clothes one right to the

goodwill more yet rose look at this this

is so disgusting

yep there's more you might like some of

his clothes we'll be glad to send it to

you for a small fee umbrella that's not

a bad-looking umbrella this is amazing

turn around can that's hers

her name was killing a lot dog kennel

yeah I got some ready patch spackling

compound box [ __ ] a shoebox and

what is this I see something looks like

electronics oh there's a cane boy I need

that after going in there let's see if

my brother wants that he's kind of

needing one of those they're more fun

okay see that's part of the spare tire

and we'll see a key yet Wow

si has a spare tire in it and Duke it

looks up at no key guess so uh Linda

there decided she's just going to heck

with it now we're going to get a key to

it to the trunk at least so I guess what

i have to do is

well I guess I'll have to give you a

trunk lock thing for it

it was not hard effect well okay y'all

that's the story of the trunk there and

I hear thunder don't forget my finger


alright guys well I'm gonna get this

clothing in here with the rest of the

stuff that's going to the goodwill

leaving that baby seat is in here and be


see you later bye