okay here's how you unlock your iPhone

when your screen don't work like the

screen my half of my screen don't work 1

4 & 7 don't work so first you hold your

home button and then when Siri comes up

you have to have internet connection

first you hold the home button and then

you tell Siri to cut on voice over you

tell you to cut on voiceover one Siri

cuts on voiceover you're able to use the

piece of your phone that works like in

my case only this side works so for

instance I can press 0 have to press it

twice now I need to go over to the 7 so

I slide my finger over come on slide

over the Siri you see how it slides over

you see how you do that you slide over

do you DoubleTap see they said then I

gotta get over to the wine for you see

what's happening I locked you in that's

how you doing you guys hope I helped you

out subscribe because I got some Moni