(Picking 68) 4-wheel combo lock picked quickly by ear! (decoded)

hey yeah I've got another Brinks

four-wheel combination padlock here now

in order to try and figure out the

secrets of this lock I've paid off that

so much of started to rub off the Brinks

name here ah it wasn't put on you very

well was it um but it's it's quite a

good lock quite a fan lock and what I've

found is that if I pull on the shackle

and turn the wheels I don't get feedback

even if I put a lot of tension and

effect right darlin the right numbers if

I have a lot of tension on the shackle

I'll just go straight past the quick

numbers and it won't open I have to

release it and then pull again for it to


although I found that if I just hold it

upside down like this it will open with

the create combination and and if I'm

not at the right combination and and I

just dial it and it'll just open but if

I have a lot of tension at won't now to

reset this to a combination you actually

flip this dial up into the left darling

your new combination and then put the

lever back and I found that if you don't

know what the combination is you can get

some feedback by tensioning this lever

and you can use some techniques and I've

been able to do it a couple of times

although it's not really good because it

takes a long time and I get a sore

finger or sore now pushing on that for

so long and trying to turn the wheels

another secret I found was that if you

turn the wheels to different numbers and

test the play the backwards and forwards

play it's not as there's not that much

play until you get to the correct number

which has more

play and interestingly if I'm tuning it

this way the number before the crate

number also has a lot of play so what I

do is I keep testing each number for the

amount of play like this one this one

this one and this one before hand has

slightly more play and so it is the

creek number have slightly more play so

I can go through it will not tin ceiling

anything and I can get the quick

combination as well but again it takes a

long time because it's very subtle to

try and feel for the amount of play it's

very very hard to do it and I have to

keep on going through the different

worlds to try and pick on one wheel and

see if I like a particular number then I

go to another world another world have

to keep on going back and forth and it

takes a long time but interestingly

there's a third method that I found and

that is to listen to the to the clicks

when I tuned you might not be able to

hear best especially um I was driving

past but they see the creek number

engine Stingley the number before it has

a more solid and louder click so it's

the meth I'm going to try the moment

from the crease combination I'm going to

flip this up and over I'm going to just

shove in the wheels give it a good


flick it back do another shuffle it's a

good shuffle so I have no idea what the

culmination is and I'm going to try and

do this on camera but usually I have

this right next to my ear and it's going

to be hard to put it right next to my

ear and on camera at the same time so

I'm going to give it a go and again I'm

not tensioning anything I'm not teaching

the circle all this lever I'm just going

to do it one at a time and see I'm going

to start from this end I'm just gonna

try and see try and listened

my hands are Swilley I talked to our

chance what's witty fingers off it's

another thing if I turn this way all the

numbers go to zero and this is so bad

paired up like this it say that if you

come across it in the dark

you'll ped lock and you can't see what

you're doing you just trim it to this

way and then you can count the number of

a really quick combination to open your

head lock so I'm doing it the wrong way

I'm old third at zero so I'm going to

gin them all this way so I can go

through them see what times and see what

I can hear okay it's a letter click so

I'm going to go maybe one past the

letter clickers 9 I'm going to go

through that will again just just to

make sure

yeah I think I think it's 9

I'm gonna go to the next will because 8

and 9 head slightly letter clicks okay

it's will what my sling yeah yeah

so the second one is the second layout

it was it was loud on three and four so

now I'm going to go into the next one I

can't in it it sounds loud on on six and

Siemens and I'll keep going and see what

I can hear

and so that okay so that was opened

quite quickly by the listening method

and it's it's one of the secrets of the

slock it's a really fun lock and I had

loads of fun hours nails are playing

with this lock thanks