(Picking 67) Brinks 4-wheel combination padlock with false gates (decoded)

yeah I've got a Brinks full wheel

combination padlock here this has

already been set to random combination

and this headlock is one of the ones

that has a gate on every second position

I use something to teach her that I'm

going to start tuning see if I can put

more than gates furthest clicked into a

gate at six so if he even number will be

a gate two four six eight and one of

them will be the true gate and there is

false gates image in tuning thus want it

clipped and three I'm not feeling gay to

every second number yet but I find when

all of them are in gates I can feel the

gates much more easily then okay so six

three nine it clicked into nine and the

shackle popped out a little bit and zero

can't territorially and the gate okay so

I think these are even numbers odd

numbers odd numbers even numbers now

once they're all in gates

if series the gate and I released in

chin chin a little bit

chinchilla and it should maybe all this

last wheels had to turn and it clicked

into eight and it will click into six

four and two it's on when they're all in

gates the trick is to find the wheel

with the loosest you you want each will

in the position where they you want to

find the loosest gate for that wheel

okay if I

to store them

maybe this this one's the tightest but

I'm not really looking for the

necessarily the tightest one home of the

four what I'm looking for is within each

wheel I'm looking for the loose escape

but I made those doubts this one I just

dealt with one of them so if it's not

nine and I'm an artist how Wiggly it is

ok so feels about like verse on this

tension go to the next one okay it feels

looser than I think or just double check


hmm no maybe not maybe Ninus feels just

as lease there's lots of gates to check

every second number as a gate so have

checked nine seven five

mmm-hmm maybe three is the loosest for

this wheel so far one

I lived on three for now I'm not sure

with this lock hmm this is quite tight

I'm going to start with here

although sometimes it works better to

just start at the this will then just go

Bom Bom Bom Bom finding the latest dates

for each will sometimes it helps to pick

on the one closest to the shackle but

before I do that I'm gonna just see if

we can okay so this one was gonna pick

on this will also okay six I believe is

looser than eight double checking that


six feels easier to ten maybe the it's

very subtle and EFT buildup

I said and feel to determine which is

the latest one for this computer with


for four things better

maybe she


maybe four four of all the wheels that

seems the leases below I'm going to do

is I'm going to pick on this will

closest shackle like I said hence if I

can do them in order sex seems really


but for seems quite loose as well so

it's just a characteristic of the world

closest for the shackle they're all the

gates seem really loose too because then

you can pin it to six sixes beers on for

six is this for

not so nice too it's got a bit of play

but maybe not as good as six not zero

maybe not eight yeah I'm liking six so I

lived on six can always come back to it

say Knicks will say three feels like

verse it's the next gate one maybe but

Lisa nine

hmm maybe one is the winner so far

Steven can peer 1 & 7

and maybe one and still just a warning

safer wait

five hmm five it's quite nice one so

once what there


I think she may be five easier to turn

I'm going to leave it on five say six

five mix one so we have three one

just compete three again these

differences are quite settled so three

feels like that for this wheel one feels

like this I'm trying to keep the same

tension noticed each gate mm-hm maybe

nine the best so far so assist see burn

19 maybe nine speed and seven yep then

comes liking nine


can't say next one we've got four three

and zero and it's open okay so it took a

little bit of work to get into this lock

but it's the technique I to go through

to give them to it thanks