hey guys has a gun what this Brinks

padlock today bothered just to do this

video just to make people aware of how

vulnerable this lock is this is that

Promax security it's a combination style

look the key on the side is not to

unlock it it's just to put in the side

there to change the combination like I

said I don't know what the combination

is for this I've got no idea but I'm

going to show you how easily there

bypassed now I've got one of my wife's

hair clips here nothing special just a

cheapo hair clip you don't have to use a

hair clip what we have there is just

we're going to snip it here and we're

just after the thin material kind of

like a feeler gauge you know that real

thin material there now you just get

your your thin material a little bit of

that's all they and this is locked of

course and you've got a little gap

between the wheels and just insert it

down the side of the wheel way it's

about right and just push in the hasp so

you take the pressure off the lock just

push that in and lift that and that's it

you're in simple as that just through a

little sliver of Steel there

so if you're a building contractor

don't go using these things now if you

value what you're trying to lock up

catch you later guys