BRINKS 4 Digit Combo Pad Lock + How To Resetting Code!


hey you two welcome back guys so I'm

going to unbox this this is the prongs

combo resettable standard security pella

and then I'm going to show you guys on

how to reset this to your new

combination lock which is four digit

locks it's going to open this up real

quick so I play this is a set of two

zero zero zero zero

okay so yeah at least set it to zero

zero zero zero zero zero zero so after

that you want to push this up the

leveler and then turn it to the left

push up left okay and then after that

I'm going to set it to one two three

four make sure you do it slowly

oh it's gonna screw it up

all right so I thought you said it two

one two three four you gotta push this

lover to your right and then I go down

and then you just said we set that new

code to two one two three four and so if

you were changed just that doing one of

the combination lock

now it's lock unlock and if you want to

reset again push up and then to the left

and this time when I set it back to zero

zero zero again and put the lever back

to your original position okay

tits off for you guys again 2 into 0

zero zero


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I always peace