(80) Brinks R70 Maximum Security Disc Padlock Picked Open

evening Pickers the the picking of the

earlier brings our 80 went so fast the

the larger the big brother of this when

I just decided to go ahead and open the

package and try try the little guy again

the package is almost identical it has

max security when we're starting to see

this over and over max security is on

all of brings products and I'm wondering

if maybe there's a minimum security

stamp on something somewhere but I doubt


unlike the r8e this one has only four

pins and again it says pick resistant

and so far I've noticed a trend of

brings to put a pretty good mix I have

to give them credit of both security

pins and normal pins so it does keep you

guessing as to what kind of pin that

you're on and you know from picking in a

security perspective I think that's a

good thing it's more of a challenge for

us hardened steel shackle 5,000 pounds

so we're not going to be snapping that

in our teeth if you look closely at that

picture you can see how these are

employed so if you can see it would be

kind of awkward to pick these if they

were on a real Laden or a storefront

anyway let's take a look at this guy

here is the key and here's the bidding

and it does not look to be much of a

challenge I mean with the rake we could

apply all kinds of pressure we could

probably rake this thing in fact after

we SBP it maybe maybe we'll just go

ahead and give that a shot and see what

happens anyway the only difference

between this and the other Brinks r8e is

this one is just only 70 millimeters

across everything else is virtually

identical and like it's big brother this

one is also made in you know where our

favorite place so let's see if we can

get this thing open like it's big

brother the already I'm going to go

ahead and use the bottom of the keyway

try to use my thumb on there and just

like the other Brinks there's a lot an

incredible amount of tension on this

thing you and I'm having difficulty or

at least I had difficulty on the r8e

I haven't opened this one yet of finding

that balance of tension my overcoming

that spring tension and then when I've

put it into the RIT I had trouble

finding the point at which I could find

binding pins and not binding pins and

there was a kind of a delicate balance

anyway I'm going to I've just put my

pick in I'll apply a little bit of

tension trying to find that the sweet

zone and on this these locks it's kind

of hard to find and then I'm putting my

pin on my pick on the fourth pin and now

we can start trying to find the find the

pin that will give us the false set

okay we got a fault set now I've noticed

that on the RIT at least when I'm when I

have a fault set I have so much tension

up there on my finger on in this case my

thumb that detecting that feedback is

just a bear it's really difficult and I

just for training I just can't see that

these would be worthwhile and got that

fourth one set felt like I'd lost a

little bit of my fault set though I'm

going to try to go through here again if

I can find some more feedback oh crap

it's open it was open there was so much

spring tension in the fact that my

finger was wrapped around the hasp my

thumb wasn't putting enough pressure in

order to overcome the tension between

the hasp and my finger so it was open

this whole time after I picked that last

one anyway there you go the r17 since

this hasn't taken very long let's go

ahead and lock this thing up because

they didn't bother to pay a lot of

attention to the to the bidding let's

just see if I can break this thing

because the key way on this is just a

little bit restricted the rake I'm going

to use this time is a little bit

different it looks like a a Bogota or I

know copy of the Bogota actually but

it's a little bit smoothed out so I can

put that up here and you can see the one

on the top is the one I'm going to be

using and that's a that one comes from a

company called sparrows and it's kind of

a unique rake I kind of like it but the

it doesn't have wide of a pin setting

capability as the fake Bogota but in

this narrow key way we can't fit the

regular Bogota so in that case these

type of rakes come in handy so let's see

if we can find that sweet spot on the

tension and see if I can just get in

there and rate this - there we go so

here we have two security pins two

normal pins and yet we're still able to

rake the max security Brinks are 70s

I can't recommend this for either

security use of any kind or really for

training I think it's kind of a

worthless lock for training anyway hey

thanks you for time everybody stay safe

and stay legal