Combination lock brinks

hi guys going to show you how to get

through this log here figure out the

combination and keep it intact show you

this more so so you don't trust your

valuables with such a lock like this

it's got a horrible design flaw we're

going to take advantage of this hole

here which I don't even know why it's

there but it's pretty bad so all you

need the bobby pin straighten it out cut

the tip off there so you get a narrow

piece of metal like that I've seen this

similar lock and other brands and I

think it probably the same but I only

own this one and I once use this lock so

not anymore

anyway the combination is 2 4 6 8 2 4 6

8 there it is lined up with the with

this line here it unlocks it's not the

most secure lock anyway you like to

think that it would stay locked

relatively easy so jumbled it up it's

nice that you can set your own

combination by flipping the thing around

and pushing down and picking any

combination you want anyway this little

hole here is where we're going to put

this bobby pin down there like so and

just rotate the dials until it it goes

down you're just there goes one there's

a pretty good amount of play in there so

just kind of find the middle and that

and that's not the number we need but

that's ok we'll just keep going another

one there and another one nothing tricky

pretty simple like and you could feel

like kind of as I as I turn the wheel

you can see that if you move I'm not

down there yet there it goes all the way

down now I'm down in there all the way

so just kind of find the middle

pretty big gaps in those disks that

holding it together

flip it over and there's your

combination so that's not the

combination that did not unlock the lock

but it did give us a combination through

putting the bobby pin through that hole

so just gotta rotate two four six eight

that goes and if you want to change the

combination push it down and the say

it's going to be four there that's the

new combination pretty simple to set but

really easy to get through pretty much

worthless if you know how to how to beat

it you could probably go through this

hole and get the combination to lined up

on this side but it's just tough with

the shackle being on the way anyway you

like the video check out my other ones

they're pretty similar you'd probably

enjoy them too

have a nice day keep out of trouble

don't do this really bad but get a bear

locked in this thing which I've used for

a couple years