(Picking 104) How to crack a Brinks dial combination padlock

hey yeah I've got another dial

combination bed lock here and this one

is a Brinks so it talks about 2,400

pounds that resistance 600 pounds per

resistant hmm see it's a but a seven

little shackle off I picked this one

before I forget what the combination is

so it's got the Keystone pet in here at

the top but no white circle round like

when you see one of the other cheek

padlocks like this it has the white

circle around the dial as well as the

Keystone this has the Keystone symbol

it's a little bit flatter but no white

circle and alternate single time to the

right start zero apply tension I like to

apply strong teams from the start with

or medium strong just because if it

works it's easier to decode in light

tension okay so this see what happens

yep this is one of the ones that flex

into if your number so it's more similar

to a master locked in a then one of

those cheat once because clicks into

every tri-state least number every two

or three numbers so what I'd like to do

is like if I start at zero and I go say

it'll touch the right actually start at

zero okay so the first number after zero

is between two and three and that's

about one one number of distant of play

it what things from the share code to

someone that come out of here between

numbers two and three today

next one clicks into five and

six about it's about one number of play

released teaching do you know tension a

bit and it clicks into next one so let's

hmm okay so it's about eight and a half

to nine half so it's about one number of

pay again so I'm just gonna keep doing

this one number of play okay this is a

massive number play fifteen to seventeen

nearly it's uh it's a big amount of play

and it feels really loose solace it

might get clicks either side even with

lots of tension

it still feels loose and it clicks

either side and all the other ones I'm

sure just gonna be about the one number

of play don't and check that yeah what

did I say it was around with the 16 so

16 is our last number can we find the

first number remember with the master

lots when we turn it several times this

way and we pull up on the shackle and

we're turning it and we increase the

tension until we can feel it stick but I

need stick on one number if I it sticks

on more than one number it means I've

raised tension too much

sort of sticking on um sort of dumping

against e1 and earth maybe 14 14 is the

strongest it's not the obvious with this


I'm going to start with 14 and I'm going

to turn that one full revolution past 14

I'm going to increase tension okay

that's our last number I'm going to turn

that beyond the last number and then I'm

just going to see which one works

something ago I'm just sort of just

going to go up sort of two numbers at a

time so like 22 16 24 16 26 1628 1680 16

32 16 32 15 6 16 deviate 16 okay say

1438 16 okay so the taunts of this lock

I can be close enough the last numbers

spot-on but I went

14:38 16 and it still worked

notice there I didn't add 5 on to the

first number that I found I could have

been it probably would still work but

it's just there was this lock

with master locks usually but I didn't

nobody did should in this lock so if I

tried if I added five one two four teen

and I went to nineteen instead let's see

if that will work

nineteen because it would have been my

next try if it didn't work

nineteen and I went to her into 38:16

doesn't work so lucky I didn't ask 500

it's crazy I thought it would have


um so hey hang on let's go to nineteen

past nineteen to just go to the number

let's go to 39 instead of 38 and then

back to 16 no it doesn't open so looks

as they 19th one number too much the 18

is right must be right on the edge where

14 to 14 to 18 works because there's the

time so this lock obviously now four

numbers work but yep adding five on to

it doesn't work with this lock because

it's not a master look thanks