(picking 444) Decoded: BRINKS 4 wheel combination padlock / false gates (quickly, no tools)


welcome to a very exciting package so

today I received this letter here from

the United States of America sent to me

by William Mankell and inside here we

will find a 4-wheel combination padlock

made by brings ya William bought this

lock himself for himself to to play with

and to try to decode it and he changed

the combination without looking at the

lock but then he didn't get it open


hey Triton different methods but none of

them worked

and so he was so kind to send it to me

for my amusement and to see if I can get

it open

so first let's open the package and then

yeah here it is that's the 4-wheel

combination padlock very nice made by

brings that's the package all right

combo one two three four

so let's try it at first of course it

won't work but just for fun one two

three and four no lock won't open all

right so let's go to work I have a

carabiner here so that I can pull on the

shackle firmly but first I will see how

much resistance these wheels give

without tension and they turn nicely so

let's pull in the shackle oh and that

one was binding and now it's stuck here

and that one is also binding and it

stops here and that one

maybe it's loose here I think that this

lock has four skates okay so I felt a

little give on the shekel and when I

turned the last wheel but it's not open

so this tells me that this lock has four

skates all right so let's see how much

play these wheels have oh this is this

this is also stiff and that as well hmm

that's a you can turn it a little bit

this you can turn so I release tension I

turn it by one number I don't know how

many gates there are and now I apply

tension again and turn it until it

clicks and here it clicked I'm always

searching for the wheel that gives the

most resistance do the same again okay

now it feels quite loose that's nice

that feels solid that's loose that's

loose so I'll go for the last wheel well

one number by tension until it stops

okay here it stopped now hmm the first

wheel is binding or it has changed the

paint binding stated was not so much

binding but now it is so I turn that

okay and the shackle came out a little

bit more at least it felt like so that

feels pretty loose that feels pretty

loose that feels stiff and that feels

also stiff so I go for the last wheel


oh one feels really stiff so let's try

that okay

nice click loose loose I think we have

to deal with one end for only so now for

feels loose loose loose maybe only one

is left that would be awesome

and it's open yeah you there Brinks is


so William here's your combination three

seven three two that was great fun yeah

thank you so much for sending this luck

to me that was really exciting so the

method that applies here is to pull in

the shackle turn the wheel that gives

resistance turn it until you feel a stop

or give on the shackle continue with the

next wheel that gives resistance and

when the lock then does not open that

means it has four skates

then apply tension on the shackle try

every wheel and the wheel that feels the

most that feels very stiff it is feels

the stiffest release tension turn it by

one number apply tension turn it until

you feel again a click and then test

every will again take the one that feels

that gives the most resistance and

sooner or later the lock will open great

lock great fun William thank you so much

for the for the excitement and 44 the

fun yeah

else thank you very much for watching

happy picking and bye-bye