Brinks keyed entry and deadbolt How To open without the Key

all right we're going to do a little

review on the Brinks security lock this

is high security these little pictures

on the side so let's pick bump drill and

pry resistant I think pretty much every

lock is resistant to that so let's take

a look at the high security bring in

Brinks is a secured used to be a

security company not a lock company they

were bought by ADT ADT I believe so the

deadbolt first so I take it out of there

all right

Brinks high security lock bump resistant

we're going to bump it in the open

position so counter clockwise oh you

little sucker there it goes

three hits

start again

there goes guys about three hits again

that was it coning I got to get warmed

up all right well it bunked with what

three hits no pick resistant let's see

yeah well that's not very big resistant

I just picked it faster you can open

with the key let's try it again

maybe I got lucky try it fling

counterclockwise there we go so we'll

stick this back in here again so you can

see that it is its lock and I picked

pretty easy it actually picked really


ha first hit I would not recommend the

Brinks home security yeah pretty much

one hit yeah see I'm warmed up now I

should've said that and I hit my finger

okay off okay so the deadbolt piece

of let's try the knob all right

let's see if we can bump no it's not

locked right now well let's lock it with

the bump key there we go now let's lock

now let's unlock this high-security lock

now we're going to unlock this Brinks

whole hi scooty lock let's bump key bump

resistant there God fighting with me

it's like seriously unlock now lock back

up so let's I don't know I guess it's

pump resistant which don't mean

alright let's see it's pick resistant so

let's try picking this pick in the knob

let's see what we are work okay

my job is lock so we're going to try and

pick it open

where we go did that derail oh that was

a really easy one and it's open all

right let's pick a lot let's lock it

lock pants that was really easy let's

try that again this is not even

resistant yeah unlock one more time okay

it's open

pick it locked there we go nice missing

it back pain look bastard they're not


yeah so that's so far it's that it's

really that pick resistant so it's real

it's not it's I guess it's about

resistant but

there goes let's pick the knob it's

locked there you are

every lock pick it open again I'm gonna

cooperate there we go

you guys how goin it alright yeah

by aster danger you know what I gotta

just my guy yellow I don't have that

going far enough yeah I give up

I lost my Ellen Raj there it is we

didn't have that just equate deep enough

yeah we're missing it got one more pin

in there

it drove right through it dog didn't

there's no well there might be steel in


so you see how that cut rail on the

shear line there no I had ran into a

little trouble and pretty sure there was

a hardened steel pin in there all right

now let's tackle the nob slock will try

the drill we'll see what happens

okay I don't think that that had any uh

harden yesterday I feel like I've wired

all right what I it yeah yeah okay so

that worked really good it's all I think

the dead bolt head off hard and pin it

it sounds a little bastard

but the knob did not have hardened

alright now we're going to try prying

see what happens when they got good


okay so anyway they must have I mean you

can see the whole thing pop up pretty

good and she better get in there there

okay so that really didn't come off

there like I suppose doing so they're

using a steel screws they're not using a

luminal me but it still pride it and

Dhaval this bus right off turn it I like

it except for that that's it up get rid

off there okay so the Brinks high

security lock definitely Farah failed

prying it I was really surprised at how

tough it was to pry the cylinder I mean

I couldn't even get the cylinder off but

you know my door wasn't fastened either

or so that makes it a little bit of

difference but the thing is where this

failed is that this look at that that

doesn't look like it is barely any

damage and what happened is this just

popped right off the cylinder even still

fits in there good look a there so this

it just popped off and then that gives

you access

to the inside so then when that pops off

you're able to get out you know just

scrubber in here and just turn out stave

yourself and just unlock it screws are

really good stay together good but this

popped off like nothing like butter it

didn't even take on damage popped off so

easy so yeah that definitely failed the

pry the drilling this pretty sure this

had a a hardened steel pin in it um the

Laura knob did not but it's I still it's

still drilled so just got to use a

carbide bit let's take a look at this

thing so we got in here I don't think we

need to have there's anything left in


what the hell

huh that works pretty good locked in all

right that's it