Braeburn Thermostat How To

welcome to your new home my name is

alice kessane yet a new maintenance

technician myself and the rest of the

team will be providing you the

assistance that all you need I would

like to introduce you through your

thermostat the brain burn thermostat

it's a user-friendly thermostat that has

six buttons so your left you'll see

system system will be what more do you

want the heat pump which will be a

heating and air conditioning dual unit

if you keep pressing you have three

options heating cooling and off next you

have your day and time the end time is

very important especially if you're

doing any customized programming next

day and time you have programming

programming is allowing you to set the

time you want the unit to turn on or and

when you want the unit to turn off at

what is our temperature you have the

whole button which if you have any gas

or children who tend to change the

thermostat and the set points you can

always press the hold and it will lock

the screen you have the Return button if

you want to go back to your main screen

and lastly you have your fan your fan

has four options you have Auto which

will turn on once the heat pump it's one

source you set your set point to your

desire on on 24/7 so the blower return

on and stay on for 24/7 cert circulation

basically will be on and within a couple

of hours it will turn on and then will

shut off and lastly I'm program that

will tell the fan to go under the

program setting and turn on during its

program mode in your speed bar you will

press the back LED lighting you'll see

three numbers your current temperature

which is the large number your setpoint

and your time

right now is current temperature 76

degrees that means the thermostat is

reading 76 degrees in your room my

setpoint was 75 however if I'm in heat

mode and I want to turn on the heat

I will go above the current temperature

to 79 or 80 it's anything above 7 6

degrees once it confirms the thermostat

will send a message to heat pump and you

were here click sound that click sounds

to let you know that it's confirmed that

your set point will be will be turned on

and then lastly I would like to

introduce you to your hipbone your Heath

Mona does both heating and


you have your marks at 13 which is your

minimum efficiency rating value of 13

will capture small particles and will

keep your coil nice and clean so your

bottom so your top left you'll see your

on button the main switch or the reset

switch and to your right you will have

the blower speed on low and high will

pretty much leave it at the highest

settings it is a very point to always

have your filter

to prevent any particle being introduced

so you learned to your coils and as

always very proud to have this return

era great where we turn they're free

from any obstacle any items or objects

especially beds sofas or any tables and

to your top you'll see the your your

your error distribution their heating

and your cooling if you're having issues

please always refer back to your

appliance manual and and you also will

be getting your residence guide now

remember we think how you live