How to lock and unlock ya vape

hello this is baek cutler double zero

this is my first ever video of my baby

skills on my youtube channel

you thought easier welcome alright the

first video today will be showing you

how to lock your bait because if you

don't lock your vape and it pocket fires

in your purse pocket or dozy pocket

you'll fry your tank and even you'll get

fried coils in a fried tank and you'll

have to buy a new tank trust me been

there done that so world on fire and

smoke will trace you through the whole

school and then you'll get suspended so

don't do those oh then was just

embarrassing ok so first you'll just

make sure your little lights are on

right and they're just really hit your

whatever button you fire with 5 times 1

2 3 4 5 perfect and it says I think it

oh wait what's upside-down locks click 5

X 5 that means 5 times so now we fire a

lot of dumb [ __ ]

my baby's broken nicotine calm down

honey take a deep breath quick at 5


and you're back in business

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thank you so much and don't forget this

was baked Gozer double zero have a great