Bosche induction cooktop child safety lock stuck on

this is a video of my Basha 30 and

smooth surface induction electric

cooktop okay the problem I have here is

I just woke up in the morning decided I

was gonna have breakfast looked at it

press my own button and also to see the

child lucky is on now I've seen that

happen before it may have accidentally

brushed up against it is something like

that I put something on top of it and it

comes along you just go hold the on/off

button for five seconds and it'll turn

the travel lock off immediately

unfortunately this time it didn't do


and I kept pressing and pressing and

pressing and holding and holy fifteen

twenty thirty seconds and so child

blockers which was come off it's

indicated by like a little keel LED

keyed and sitting on the surface all

right so of course I go to my treasures

the source of information YouTube and

found little to nothing on it other than

the standard reset by holding on to it

for five seconds which already doesn't

work a few people on some of the forums

say oh he does do is the disconnect the

power supply terminal circuit breaker

off for the five seconds or five minutes

and minutes and it'll reset itself which

I try that I didn't have to enough

circuit breakers actuality plug on the

need be you think that it's looking in

it for 220 unplugged at five minutes

plug back in the same exact situation

child life child the safety switch

wouldn't come off go back to the forum's

once again you put this thing down here

now the forms people for okay sometimes

you have to put your whole hand on top

of a big circus of it you know because

maybe it might be it miss which properly

it might get finicky I've done Matt I

put the hands all over the place nothing

go back to the forum's once again and it

says okay I put a paper towel across the

top and

then it's odd to work so I tried that I

put a wet paper towel across the good

surface to the front and it didn't work

but it gave me some hope because what

happened is I got that error message

slugged you get when you get spillover

on top and sort of now I knew there's

actually because wasn't even beaten

before so it's okay it's just a matter

of getting that switch off this problem

so now I called the Bosch see if I can

get some help from them and of course

they just went straight to the manual

and when over the same stuff that I've

done over and over and over again today

they recommended okay you can either

charge of disconnecting power and let it

stay for a longer period of time an hour

two hours overnight and then see if that

works if not you can contact our

technical support for a technician to

come out they would charge a hundred and

twenty nine dollars just to look just to

come out just to show up at my door and

then another $30 every 15 minutes of

their ear and you know that's crazy and

totally unacceptable for the world I

mean less money to pay it was that kind

of money to pay so anyway uh so I said

okay I guess that's what NASA good so

meanwhile if I unplugged it and I was

planning on spending the next day with

it unplugged I went back on the forms

again and then another guy says oh I put

my whole forearm across the front of the

control panel in network you know so I

say what the hell I was planning on

keeping an unplugged overnight so

plugging it back in and getting the

forum shot what the hell might work

so that's why I did they plugged it back

in rolled up my sleeves and I took my

whole four on the crook to the front

panel so at first I got the error signal

once again because I was I guess making

so much nature like a spill over so then

what I did was I put my whole form

directly over the or nose area and not

covering too many you have a burner

switches and lo and behold it actually


so I didn't see any videos on YouTube

about this so I definitely want to give

that option to some people give that a

shot of may work for you definitely much

better than calling out of the

technician have an amended charging to

300 dollars but it's a $120 per hour fee

plus on your $29 just show up not to

mention any parts that he may have to

put in if he doesn't matter order parts

and they come back for another kid so

this might work I've seen the online

people saying work with the GE so it

might work with a double dipping unit so

that's the something good P to try

before you spend a fortune get the

technician out hope that helps someone