How to Unlock Bootloader on Android! [Android Root 101 #1]

hi guys nice in Milan and recom where we

get any guys I'm gonna start a new

series called Android route 101

basically set of route tutorial guys

that can help you root your Android

device whether you have a lg device

where you have a Samsung device or maybe

you have a no-name prepaid device or

whatever it is I'm gonna try to make

some Universal guides that way a lot of

you who have phones that I don't have

you will still be able to route your

phone and also you'll be able to learn

how to find the route method for your

phone anyway today we're going to learn

how to unlock bootloader on any Android

let's go ahead and take a look




alright guys before I begin unlocking

your bootloader will erase everything on

your phone all right please make a

backup of everything on your phone it

won't erase contents of your microSD

card if you have a phone with a microSD

card but unlocking your bootloader will

erase everything on your phone and in

most cases unlocking your bootloader

will void warranty

all right meaning you won't be able to

get warranty except for certain phones

like the Nexus phones the pixel phones

all the Google phones you do not void

warranty by unlocking the bootloader

also phones from oneplus you do not void

the warranty all right as their root

friendly if you ever unlock the


you can also relock the bootloader on

all the Android devices and if you have

to return your phone for warranty simply

just don't tell them that you've routed

or unlock to your bootloader and pretty

much they'll never find out unless you

tell them a lot of people just return

their phone and they're like can I still

get warranty because I've rooted their

phone and without even checking your

phone they're gonna be like no it just

exercise your right to remain silent and

in 99% of cases they'll never find out

you've rooted your phone unless you tell

them all right and let's go the next

step all right guys this method will

work on pretty much all Android devices

except for a few now there's actually no

way to unlock the bootloader on any

Android phone simply because a lot of

phones are different like LG's are

different Samsung's are different you

know Huawei's are different Motorola's

different but I will update my website

article that shows all the phones that

are not supported on this method and I

will have tutorial on how to unlock

bootloader for those other types of

phones but basically if you have samsung

phones you do not need to unlock

bootloaders all right because samsung

devices come with unlock bootloaders

alright or they have locked boot loaders

and you can't unlock the boot loaders on

AT&T and verizon models for HTC there is

a different all mocking method where you

have to go to the HTC site same thing

with show me

same thing with huawei same thing with a

lot of the Motorola devices now there

are a lot of

Android companies for most of those this

method will work and all of the Nexus

device and all the Google devices like

this one I've got here it will work also

so the first thing you want to do is go

into settings all right

and go ahead and find about phone on

this one it's gonna be under system and

under about phone all right I'll find

where a Bao phone is and go ahead and

find where it says build number go ahead

and hit that about five times until it

says you are now a developer or

something along the lines of you have

enabled developer options all right hit

the back button once or twice depending

on the phone go back to the system menu

and you will see a new menu option

called developer options and here you

should see an option for om on lock or

unlocking all right go ahead and make

sure turn it on all right just like that

if you don't see this option on some of

the older phones don't have this option

then you can go ahead and skip this step

alright next you gonna go ahead and

scroll down and make sure USB debugging

is checked on all right go ahead and

check that on allow USB debugging and

then you're gonna go ahead and connect

it to your computer via USB cable now

you can go ahead and use Windows Mac or

Linux ok guys next go to my site hi on

Android comm you can go to fastboot dot

zip a Dee be an end or a USB drivers

menu under routing menu alright if you

go here you'll be able to download

fastboot dots it alright this contains

all the files you need for Windows Mac

or Linux you do not have to download the

whole Android SDK which you can't

actually take like 30 minutes to an hour

to actually sync up I'm sorry save your

time and also this file is only like 4

megabytes so your bill will st. save

time now to download this file and any

of the files on my site I'm just go down

where it says click here to download and

click here to download that's pretty

much it

alright that will download the fastboot

Dossett also go ahead and download

Android USB Driver for Windows if you're

using windows alright I'm using Windows

7 but you can go ahead and use this on

Windows 7 8 9 no sorry there's no 9 10

11 also Windows XP yada-yada-yada once

you downloaded the driver go ahead and

install it all right and this will

install the proper adb drivers for your

windows computer and this is different

from the adb driver that's already on

your computer some of the windows 10 11

or 10 habits the numeron doze have ADB

drivers but they're the wrong ones so

install this one and if you have the

proper drivers installed you should see

Android interface right now it's just

says Nexus 6p I'm gonna go and unplug my

phone plug it back end and now it should

install the google android adb interface

all right you'll see Android Nexus ATV

interface or something along the lines

of ADB interface then you're good to go

if you're wondering how to get into a

device manager please go google it for

your Windows OS alright go on to your

phone immediately after that and it

should say allow USB debugging I'm going

to choose a lot always allow from this

computer and hit OK if you don't do this

it will not work okay guys I'm next

going to your downloads directory go

ahead and double click on fastboot or

zip extract all files and go ahead and

extract it to your downloads folder

under fastboot directory alright you

should get a new folder called fastboot

with all the files you need for Windows

Mac or Linux alright next go ahead and

open up a command prompt go ahead and

type CMD understood search bar and if

you're using Mac or Linux go ahead and

open up a terminal if you don't know how

just go Google is really easy just go

Google how to open terminal prompt for

Mac or Linux or loon to and then go

ahead and open up a terminal problem but

it's gonna basically look like this

command prompt and you're gonna next go

ahead and type CD downloads um your

downloads folder name it could be

download or downloads just go ahead and

double check what your download folder

name is and you're gonna go ahead and

type CD fast boots alright this is all

same for Mac Linux or Windows and if

you're using Mac or Linux at this point

the commands might be slightly different

you're gonna go ahead and type adb

reboots bootloader just like that

alright and this command will boot you

back into the bootloader if you're using

Mac or Linux go to my site and look for

the substitue commands so I'm gonna go

ahead and hit enter and this will boot

us back into the bootloader fastboot

bootloader mode most phones will show

this on some phones may look different

so long as it says something like

fastboot somewhere or you got some some

kind of information about the phone

you're in fastboot mode alright

our bootloader mode all right go back to

your computer and we're gonna go ahead

and type fastboot OEM unlock alright now

this command might not work for all the

devices um it does work for most of the

devices so I'm gonna go ahead and hit

enter and it says unknown command

alright if that happens to you you can

go ahead and try the other command

that's the newer command which is

fastboot flashing unlock so try either

one of these and one of these will

unlock your bootloader but in the case

of Nexus 6p is fastboot flashing unlock

for most of the older Nexus devices and

most other Android devices is fastboot

OEM unlock for example although oneplus

devices are fastboot OEM unlock and yes

this method will work on all the oneplus

devices I forgot to tell you I'm gonna

type that and hit enter and boom

Shakalaka you should get some kind of

screen like this where I ask you to

all-out the bootloader you may have to

use the volume keys make sure yes is

highlight it and go ahead and tap the

power key and that will unlock the

bootloader and this will wipe off

everything on your phone alright it

should reboot automatically if it

doesn't go ahead and use the volume keys

go to start and hit the power button and

now you should get some kind of warning

like this some of the older phones you

won't get a warning but some of the

newer phones especially the Google

phones you'll get a warning um but

that's pretty much it now you have fully

unlock the bootloader a lot of phones

will show that unlock sign down there

and it's now erasing everything on my


and once you have all knock your

bootloader you never have to do it again

the only

time you would actually relock the

bootloader is if you want to resell your

phone or maybe return to the

manufacturer for warranty all right once

you're here you can go ahead and sign in

your phone should be like the day you

got it but now your bootloader has been

unlocked you should be able to install

twrp recovery custom recovery and

install custom roms now most Android

phones do require you to unlock the

bootloader in order to root or install

custom roms so if you are thinking about

routing or installing custom roms on

your phone that you just bought I would

do it on day one all right just so you

don't have to unlock the bootloader

again which will wipe your device now if

you want to relock the bootloader

it's pretty much the exact same steps

instead of fastboot OEM unlock it's

gonna be fastboot OEM lock exact same

steps and also if that doesn't work for

phones like Nexus 6p it's gonna be

fast-food flashing lock instead of

fastboot flashing unlock so your

bootloader should be unlocked and thank

you guys for watching this video if you

unlock the bootloader now you'll want to

go to the second part of this series

I'll put the video here when it's

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