How to hard reset ZTE Prestige (Boost Mobile) HD

hi guys and welcome to another quick

kind of guide so today we are talking

about the CT prestige so this is a newer

boost mobile phone that just came out

recently maybe month or so and yeah so

far so good been a great phone from what

I seen really know the sales okay so

today from what I will suggest is will

be focusing on how to do a hard reset so

you can do a reset through you know the

phone options but I always like doing it

through you know the bottom pressing I

guess what they call it so here we go

I'm show you how to do a hard reset on

this phone so first what you want to do

is power it off make sure it's

completely off usually if you can remove

the battery like this phone I'll remove

the battery you wait you know 10 seconds

put it back on and from there go so

basically to do a hard reset with this

phone like I said first this does have

5.1 lollipop so before you even do this

I'm warning you do have to remember your

Gmail and your password that you first

used when you first logged in or sign up

for the Google Play on this phone so if

you don't know that information guys and

you do this it's gonna do reset

everything so go through but then you're

gonna get to where it's going to say you

know you previously just resetted this

phone data please enter your your email

that you used and your password if you

remember that you're kind of screwed

honestly there's no real way around that

so if you have all that information on

you then let's go ahead and do this so

to do it all you have to do is hold the

power button and volume down together

until you see the CT logo pop up then

you want to let go over the power button

and just keep on pressing the volume

down so here we go

so comes on you let go of the power

button and keep holding the volume down

and then let go once again start so here

we go you're going to get to this screen

right here let me see autofocus

it it'll say reboot system now apply

updates from a adb you want to scroll

down with the volume up or volume down

so to scroll down volume down tour says

wipe data

I can reset then to select you want to

click the power button click the power

button to select then you want to scroll

down all the way to yes delete all user

data and then click the power button to

select so down here as you can see it

says swiping data now depending of

course this is uh this is basically a

phone it didn't have that much

information on it so it's going to go

really really quick as you can see down

there but let's say you have a lot of

pictures and stuff like that a lot

information your mind losing it's going

to take it a little while to format it

or delete everything but once that's

complete guys it's going to take you

back to this screen and see if I can

autofocus it and you just want to click

reboot system now which is the first

option that comes to just click the

power button to select and the phone

will turn off and turn back on so that's

how you use excessively do a hard reset

hopefully this helped you guys please

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just enjoy the free content guys you

guys are amazing my boost mobile family

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