How to Hard Reset Boost Mobile ZTE MAX 9520 Android 4.4 Remove Password

hello everyone Joe from Big Joe mobile

reviews now I've got the boost max here

I'm going to show you how to hard reset

this phone first of all we're going to

look for the volume up and down keys on

the side here and the power button as

well press and hold the volume down key

along with the power button once you

feel it vibrate remove your finger from

the power button you'll see the green

Android followed by the recovery menu

Android there is now the inside of this

bellies rotating and I'll look for the

volume up key here on the side tap that

and reboot system now and everything

else that follows with the Android

recovery menu comes up as you can see

there sorry this can't really sue min

sorry about that

there we go now use your volume up and

down key to navigate this menu we're

going to wipe data/factory reset' and

use the power button on the side to

select and hit that and use the volume

up and down key once again to select yes

and use the power button as your

selection as you'll see here swing a

wipe in data it's formatted the phone


you've got 30 seconds or so it will

format the phone completely you're back

to the main menu there we go

press the power button to automate the

select reboot system now there you have


hard reset the boost max