See How to open LOCKED Android phone ZTE Reset - How to reset ZTE Phone to Factory Settings Easy Fix


hello this is Nick wit Nick's computer

fix comm and here's a video on how to

reset your ZTE mobile phone back to

factory defaults is free and easy

okay this start with what is a hard

reset it's a condition where you go

ahead and reset your phone back to

factory default settings it resets

everything and erases all user data and

it puts your phone in a state where the

new phone setup is required after a

reset and it's gonna look just like this

and in the center you'll see a yellow

button that says let's go now you might

be wondering why do I need to do a hard

reset it's a good reason to do one

because ill correct a lot of the issues

like if your phone has been freezing up

a lot or just you know you're locked out

of your phone and you can't get back

into it this allows you to go back

through the new phone setup and set up

your phone just like as if you pulled it

out of the box for the first time okay

now this particular model is the ZTE

maven 3 from AT&T and this procedure

works on most ZTE mobile phones no

matter which carrier you might be using

the phone on or whichever ZTE model you

might have now there are two methods to

do a hard reset this first one is a hard

reset by turning the phone off with the

power button first and once it's turned

off you can go ahead and locate the

volume up button which is on the left

hand side on this particular ZTE

smartphone and the power button on the

right hand side once you've located both

of these buttons press them both at the

same time simultaneously and keep them

depressed until you see ZTE light up on

the display and then you can release

them and then after a minute or two

it'll go through the ZTE and

you know reboot there and you'll get the

Android recovery screen and you'll get

several selections reboot system now is

the first one and we want to navigate

down so we're going to push the volume

button down and that allows us to go to

where we want to go to which is let me

get this in focus a little bit better

wipe data / factory reset and once you

have that one highlight it go ahead and

select it with the process of pressing

the power button on the right hand side

on this smartphone and so I'm going to

go ahead and do that once that's

completed I get a question here wipe all

new data this cannot be undone no or yes

no by default is selected I want yes

some use the volume button the down

volume button and then select it with

the power button and then it reboots and

goes to this next screen here and says

wiping data formatting data formatting

cache data wipe complete this can take a

minute or two depending on how much data

you have on your phone how many apps you

have installed and then once it's done

it says reboot system now by default is

selected and that's the one we want so

I'm going to select that by pressing the

power button and then it will go through

a reboot and I'll get the ZTE logo

powered by Android and once that is

completed that stays on the screen for a

minute or two depending on which model

of ZTE phone you have I get the 18 T

logo and then a few moments later I'll

go ahead and get the welcome screen and

the welcome screen is where we want to

be and that allows me to go ahead and

press the let's go button the yellow

button in the center of the phone and

that takes me through the setup process


as if i was setting up the phone for the

first time so i'm going to go ahead and

do that and press let's go

and once i do the next screen it'll say

welcome to your z8 3:5 I get two options

copy your data or setup as new and if

you want to copy your data from a cloud

you can press that button and if you

want to set up as new and get a fresh

start press the second one and that's

the one that I'm gonna go ahead and

press here in this video demo and when I

do that it'll go ahead and give me this

screen once I go through the whole setup

process and that brings us to method to

reset your phone and settings and this

is handy if your phone is already you

know running and functioning but it

might be freezing up and give me some

trouble and you want to do hard reset go

into settings and once there scroll down

to backup and reset airs it close up

look so you can see what I'm pressing

and then factory data reset down below

here press that and then it warns me

this will erase all data and your Google

accounts system and that daiva data and

settings and any apps that had installed

will be erased and it gives me an option

reset phone and I do that and one last

warning just in case you want to back

out now if you don't and you want to

erase everything press erase everything

and at this point it'll go ahead and

reboot by showing me the ZTE logo

powered by Android screen and this will


on or be displayed for a moment or two

and then I'll get a circle that says

erasing and that erases everything and

then I get the ZTE logo powered by

Android screen once again being

displayed on the smartphone here and

then I'll stay on the phone for a moment

and then I will be prompted to set this

phone up once again and I'll be prompted

with the welcome screen right after the

AT&T logo of course because this is a

18t phone they have to show their logo

and once that disappears like I said

you'll get the welcome screen and down

below there it says let's go and you can

go ahead and press the yellow button and

set up your phone just as if it was

brand new

right out of the box once again by

getting this next screen which asks do

you want to copy your data from your

cloud or do you want to set up as a new

phone and get a fresh start the choice

is yours and once you do go through the

setup process and it's completed you'll

get your home screen on your phone again

just like I have here that will allow

you to navigate through your phone

quickly and smoothly just like I'm doing

here okay

we've come to the end of this video and

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