How I Got 1 Million YouTube Views On Reddit

reddit is the best platform to get big

views on your content and big shares on

your content reddit is the

self-proclaimed front page of the

internet all media professionals follow

reddit everybody who writes news

articles follow reddit and it is a way

to blow a video up I've done it before

overwatch is a fighting game someone on

my team Jonathan Moxon has produced this


it has 1.2 million views right now and I

promoted it through my reddit account

and it got covered on Kotaku on polygon

and every major gaming publication and

it got over a million views this post

blew up but it wasn't just because I

promoted on reddit and I just spammed

content there's a good way to do it that

really works let's get into it reddit is

a tight-knit community of people that

actually care about certain subject

areas so if you intend to go into reddit

just to spam your content or just to

promote yourself then you're gonna lose

on reddit that's not the way it works

let me show you my profile

I've got 16,000 karma right now and I

pay for gold on reddit to support the

platform because I really love reddit it

is one of my favorite social media

platforms and as you can see I've got a

ton of karma from a lot of different

communities here and this wasn't because

I promoted myself or I was trying to get

something out of that community it's

because I constantly had a strategy to

give value value value to a specific

subreddit and then occasionally promote

my content if I felt that it gave value

to that particular community and that's

precisely when I did with this overwatch

as a fighting game video this wasn't the

first post I made on this subreddit I

ended up getting reddit gold like three


gilded on this post because I promoted

this amazing video there it is right


but I had posted tons and tons and tons

here before I promoted this video and so

people recognized my content when I

posted it on this subreddit the content

that we produce with tgn they recognize

my name and they knew that I was here

because I actually cared about overwatch

in this particular case that is the

critical point to remember

when you're looking to promote your

content on reddit I like to use the

twenty to one rule post twenty times to

every one time that you promote yourself

on a particular subreddit be sure to

contact the moderators and to listen to

what the rules are of that subreddit but

look what I'm doing right now on the new

youtubers subreddit I'm just posting

answers answers answers to help

youtubers for free

I haven't promoted my content once I

haven't posted a link to my YouTube

video once I haven't posted a link to my

channel once it's just me helping

youtubers all freaking day I'm adding

value to youtubers here that's what I'm

doing right now and if at some point I

maybe could get benefit from a YouTube

channel or get clout or something like

that through the subreddit then sure

maybe it'll come around to me but the

reason why it's called karma on reddit

is because it's just that you pay it

forward into the reddit community and

then you receive the benefits in return

and as a result I've had people contact

me through direct messages or through

chat and they say hey look I see all of

this great value that you're adding to

the new youtuber subreddit I saw that

incredible video you posted on the

overwatch subreddit I want to talk to

you about perhaps doing a project or I

want to talk to you about promoting your

content through my website and then big

things can happen like this you get

covered on polygon you get covered on

Kotaku or maybe you end up getting a new

client or maybe you end up getting a new

person to collaborate with right those

are benefits that you'll receive in

return of giving value first on reddit

not trying to take value out of reddit

reddit will punish you for that and you

can get big views if you pay it forward

in the literal sense of karma how much

karma do you have on reddit how much

karma do you have on the Internet

overall it should be all about paying it

forward and you will receive the

benefits in the long term you need to be

long-term focused on YouTube on Twitch

and through your podcast and through

your online business this is a long game

we're in the gold rush of the internet

it just started taking off this is

opportunity to capitalise into

three-year five-year and ten-year

timeline and if you want me to help you

grow your channel to help you grow your

strategy more one on one I have a

patreon account to do just that

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critiques for and I'm helping on a daily

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well for content creators and for

entrepreneurs to help you grow your

online business it's going incredibly

well so far I have a lot of talented

folks that I'm helping and perhaps I

could help you take your online video

game to the next level link in the

description below to that keep creating

great content keep paying it forward on

the internet and things like Reddit can

pay off big for you in the long run