LG Tribute Dinasty unlock screen unknown password, pattern or PIN Boost Mobile SP200

okay so this I have reset for this LG

tribute dynasty from Boost Mobile okay

this is to remove any possible pattern

or pin blocking the skin or the phone in

case you're not able to access to they

as settings to reset this phone and it's

important to know your Google Account

associated with the phone because after

the factory reset you have to confirm or

verify Google in order to proceed and

get the main menu to use the phone if

you're not able to confirm verify Google

and your phone will be blocked

permanently and you want to be able to

access to it anymore such as be very

careful with that and with the phone

power off and you can go ahead and

remove any password I mean any external

memory card in the form to say some

files because everything is going to be

delete from like pictures videos

contacts etc alright so we're gonna

start by pressing the volume down and

power key with the phone to bring up

their menu okay to reset the phone so

volume down and then the power key you

wanna press these two buttons at the

same time and when you see a recovery

log on the screen release immediately

both keys okay

so I'm gonna start valuing down and

power continue holding when the LG logo

appears recovery mode release both keys

inches away a few seconds you're gonna

see a menu with some blue letters on the

screen to reset the phone okay so from

here just follow instructions use volume

down to navigate and highlight wipe

antara factory reset and the power key

is going to be your enter oh okay right

such as plays a party and confirm using

volume down

just highlight yes delete all user data

okay so once these highlighted just

press the power key and your phone will

start to reset so once you hit the power

button you won't be able to retrieve or

go back it's absolutely the factory

reset we'll start from there so once

once the factory set has been complete

automatically you will see a selection

reboot system now such as press the

power key and the phone will reboot

automatically it's going to take a few

minutes like five to eight minutes to

get the initial setup screen where you

will be able to select your language and

continue follow the steps to go to the

home screen okay and if you have a

ActiveSync are from Kuzma which has

co-head in sector from their token to

register a phone from our network or

just remove the SIM card if you are

trying just to just to reset your phone

without using any service with boost

mobile or sprint and and connect to iy5

in order to continue because you need to

verify Google or in order to proceed and

care to the home screen okay so in case

that your Boost Mobile or LG logo get

stuck for more than eight minutes that

means something is wrong with the phone

just remove the battery wait for five

seconds put it back on and start over

again with the same process we did at

the beginning of the video and and then

just just

when you add on the second step if

you're not able to get over with the

freest skin skin such as we select the

wipe touch a partition hit the power

button and then reboot the phone once

system from there okay all right so this

is how to refer to reset this LG tribute

from Boost Mobile and just just follow

the steps okay so you have any questions

please let me know in comments and

please subscribe to the channel in case

any help in the future with your other

Android or iPhone or tablet thank you so