Hard Reset LG Stylo 5 Boost Mobile, I forgot my password, PIN, Pattern

okay let's do a hard reset for these LG

still owe five from boost mobile and

these process is to remove any password

pattern or pin blocking the screen of

the phone and it is important you know

your Google Account associated with the

phone because after after the factory

reset you have to confirm or verify

Google you know it proceed and get to

the home screen and everything's stored

in the phone's internal memory like

pictures videos contacts web history any

downloaded applications or games will be

remove a lot from the phone so if you

need a backup with your Google account

with the same account after factory

reset you will be able to restore or

retrieve everything on your phone okay

and this is a hurry set remove password

pair pin if you are looking just to do a

factory reset from phone settings I've

got to leave a link on the description

of this video or the comment section so

you just open the link and follow the

steps to back to reset this phone okay

with the phone power off you wanna use

the volume up + power key and go ahead

and remove external memory card as well

ok volume up in power key now as soon as

the LG logo appears just release for one

second and press again the power key and

when you see a recovery menu on the skin

gonna release both keys ok so volume up

+ power key release and press ok release

both keys when you see this option

alright using volume down we want to

highlight yes and press the power key to

continue our next step is to confirm we

will already talked about everything's

gonna be delete this one and it's

important that you know how you have to

know your account associated with the

phone just press the power key and

should I your password is associated

with the Google account because I have

subscribers on my channel saying that

they are sure the password that they

know is the one with their email address

but it doesn't let them continue so you

have any computer or laptop that you

never have used your new account just go

logging into that make sure that

everything working properly

ok press the power key to confirm and

here is where the factory reset will

start on this phone ok so just wait a

few seconds and just you wait a few

seconds I mean five to eight minutes for

the phone to properly reboot and take us

to the initial setup where you will be

able to select register language

register any Google account or open a

new one and continue to the home screen

just in case that your phone gets stuck

on the LG logo or Android package or

carriers logo that means something is

wrong with the motherboard just just

long press the power key to power off

the phone and start over again with ends

with the process with the same place

using balloon up in power he does help

to calibrate the motherboard and your

phone will work properly

sometimes we download so many

applications or games and we also delete

games or applications or any music or

games or a lot of web history web

browsing and so many cookies on the

phone and that actually kind of rain the

motherboard when we fail to at least a

reboot or force at least three times a

month since the very is internal and

that's when the motherboard it doesn't

work properly so these hard reset helps

a lot too to kind of fix issues with a

lot of drop cores or your phones just

turns off itself and these like things

like that okay so if that is your case I

recommend you to do this high reset but

also make sure that you know you work on

associated with the phone and and you

are able to do a backup to save all your

files on your account so you won't lose

anything their contacts and important

purchased purchased games or

applications ok so there you go so we

are almost to the initial setup screen

ok so let's choose the language so these

are the languages that you are able to

use with this phone and just will stay

with English and

here the blue arrow to continue and if

you already have an active SIM card from

Boost Mobile or any of your carrier go

ahead insert the SIM card or on the next

step you will be able to register a

Wi-Fi account because actually Mina

Wi-Fi in order to perceive and use took

to confirm verify Google okay so in this

step so if you already have an active

SIM card this at this point will start

to search in aroma aromatic aromatic

programming to register your sim sim

card to this mobile network so you're

gonna schematic here a few minutes but

since we don't have any sim card on this

phone I will let us continue and if you

have issue with this and you're not able

to pass the step because you don't want

the phone to be active on account so

just remove the sim card so you can let

you continue okay so right here we're

gonna select your time zone and then the

day to switch month and once hit okay

you wanna save and the time this is the

hour minutes a p.m. and then hit OK to

save the time you have selected and then

go ahead and hit the next button to


we were services I recommend you to have

everything on use location settings the

any teenager search on the Google search

engine interest so that you wanna get

for assisting one on your phone's

location and you wanna be notified if

you have any Wi-Fi available on your

area so you can actually take advantage

of it and save some data on your data


and you will receive notification if

there is any update for your Android to

download it and stay up to date okay

slap finger finger print pattern up in a

password to lock your screen or you can

do these ones and you'll get to the home

screen so you can't choose nothing's and

you can stare at these later okay legal

documents just not check every box and

hit the done button and then you we are

done setting up these phone programming

okay so this is basically what I want to

show let me know if you have any

questions please let me know and

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search another some more tutorials about

these LG in case you need help with

talkback issue or just a factory reset

or the keyboard has been disappeared by

accident and any other support Joe would

like to have with this phone so yeah so

this is the home screen of the phone and

okay so let's go in set up a lock screen

for this phone in case that you need

help with this setup so once you open

the settings this is the his home screen

that you wanna get so let's go in such

as a general and the first option is

locks in screen lock screen in security

and then let's go in select lock screen

select screen lock and

and so now we have no lock screen or

swipe you can choose a pattern beam or


I like the password so I'm gonna show

you how to set up a password you can't

choose to require password to turn on

the phone or power off the phone but you

can choose not things your phone

automatically once you're finished turn

on automatically we will unlock the

screen anyway so you had to worry about

this and also you power all the phone

you have this you can choose to enter

the password or just let the phone goes

off itself right away so here you can

choose letters so no minimum of four

letters for numbers and you want to

switch any symbol just touch this you

can use any other symbol so I'm gonna

choose just estilo 1 2 3 and hit the

next button and confirm the same so and

you want to add symbol Irish went to how

to add symbol from this so just hit OK

to confirm and shove all notification

once you turn off your lock screen

you want to show all notification or

high sensitive notification that means

that sensitive notification or social

media email notification and high

sensitive its few ones you not to know

the lock screen you just going to see

that date and time and that's it if you

download a weather application we want

to see the weather of your location so

Jo to use any any of those three options

I hit OK to save and let's go and check

it out a still low


one two three and then okay if you want

to switch you or change your lock screen

just Sanko serious looks in a security

again select screen lock enter your


Stilo one two three done and now you're

able to switch into pattern or pin so

pattern is the same question you want to

require panel to turn on or turn off the

phone I will say no and now you can and

draw a pattern that you would like to

have on your lock screen okay so you can

choose from any one start from any of

this point they say one two you can

start from the intramural and the one of

the corner at the ends or this one and

you can just draw the pot pattern and

when you have the desired pattern just

release at that point okay and this is

your pattern now hit the next button and

you wanna have to draw the same pattern

to confirm okay so I will just do easy

okay hit the next button and I will do

the same Z and that's that's when

everything when approved now confirm and

my screen lock has been changed into a

pattern so I'm gonna try it here I'm

gonna try the C and there you go alright

so this how to setup a password pattern

and pin as well just go back to settings

and then cell as select screen lock and

then confirm your panel and and now

choose a six to eight digits security

pin for your screen okay well there's a

mob which is my video let me know me you

have another

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Block in the screen of your phone or and

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you have issue with your keyboard or

things like that okay anything any

questions you have please let me know

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thanks so much