How to remove forgotten password, pattern or PIN on LG Stylo 5 Boost Mobile Model LM-Q720PS / phone

okay so let's don't have reason for this

LG is still owned by the formerly power

all and this process is to remove any

possible pattern or pin blocking the

screen of the phone also it is basically

a factory set using external keys

buttons so everything is stored in the

phone's memory will be lost like

pictures videos contacts email addresses

passwords everything and is very very

important that you know your Google

account associated with that phone

because after the factory reset you have

to confirm or verify Google in order to

proceed and go to the home screen if you

are not able to confirm Google your

phone will be blocked permanently so

just be careful with that make sure that

you have an email address and password

from Google associated with your phone

okay you wanna use volume up + power key

when the phone is power off and remove

any external memory card to save some

files as well we're gonna press these

two buttons together and as soon as the

LG logo appears or the phone vibrates

we're gonna release for one second only

the power key one second and press the

button area the volume app is going to

hold steady until you gonna see a

recovery menu on the screen then even a

release on both keys okay ready

volume up + power key same time by great

release space and when you see this

recovery menu just release both problems

okay now using volume down you wanna

highlight yes the little user data we

see bugging down highlight yes and

second step is to confirm we already

went through the everything's gonna be

ready on the phone's memory internal

memory and remove the external memory


and also it's important that you know

your Google account associated with this

form so you are ready and agree with

that just press power key once yes is

highlighted okay volume down and then

confirm okay once you confirm then

there's no way to go back so make sure

you agree with this and then you're

gonna put a few seconds and the phone

will start to okay so this is how so

here is going to take a few of five to

eight minutes for the phone to really

good or restart itself and then you

wanna take us to the initial setup

screen okay and just in case that your

phone gets stuck on the lg Lobos

InDesign fully power on then that means

that something is wrong with the

motherboard so the that is your case

just long press the power key until the

phone goes off and start over again with

the same process you can do the hard

reset up to eight times if possible so

you can get your motherboard so we need

to calibrate the motherboard sometimes

we fail to report or restart the phone

after so many dumb daughter applications

free games music for a lot of web

history with cookies and that's when the


garyun so you wish supposed to reboot

the phone at least with times a month in

order to help the mother go to

completely remove anything that we have

left there so that's when we experience

a lot of drop calls or your from just a

freeze on the logo LG lowers and

carriers level it doesn't properly

report so we will explain those kind of

issues maybe you can do a high reset for

your phone but make sure that you know

you go out come as a associated with the

phone and also make sure to do a backup

of everything of your contacts a

multimedia and your Google account boy

so here we are on the initial setup

screen let's go and check out any

languages that comes with this phone and

maybe we are looking information what

languages come with the phone even give

you a reset or you've got this phone for

the first time is this Kindle you've

another so you're gonna take with

English and now hit the arrow to

continue and you need a network so you

don't have a Wi-Fi you can read the

phone is already activated with this

level in this case is when this is when

your phone will start

automatic automatic programming network

registering and if you are not able to

or you don't want to have your phone to

any other any account and you want to

skip this step just go ahead and remove

the SIM card okay let's remove the SIM

card and the phone will reboot or

restart to skip this step

okay but if your phone is a used phone

you you have to verify Google anyways

and so on

okay this just by a few seconds when the

pumps going on okay so let's continue

and this is the skin and you wanna get

once you remove your SIM card but you

still have to register a Wi-Fi account

okay so you t step anyways configuring

your phone so they're gonna SIM card

restart your phone and try it again

such as toll so you're gonna you're

gonna stick on this screen for about one

minute and the maximum and then you are

going to be able to continue okay there

you go

alright so your phone is not configured

we can skip this step and now skip this

step okay Google services I recommend

you to stay this one on location so

anything you go to search on Google

search engine the first result you wanna

get is the one on your phone's location

so I just keep this one on second option

any Wi-Fi account available in your area

you will be able to get notified and

take advantage of it

you can save your data package from your

carrier and the third one is any updates

for your Android you will not receive

any notification so you are able to

download it in update your Android to

stay up to date okay it's the aesthetic

continue now you can go ahead and

register a lock screen like setup

fingerprint and this is the fingerprint

sensor this one and also you can set up

a password pattern of pain to block the

screen of your phone or you can say no


you're still we're able to do these once

we get to the home screen or the phone

okay so it's let's go and skip this one

anyways and you can set up later okay

legal documents just i every hit every

button and then continue with more and

VI is basically had to agree to each one

of us if not they won't be able to let

you continue

okay so congratulations your reform has

been the set up wizard has complete its

okay so this is how to have reset and

program your phone and get to the home

screen so let me know if you have any

other questions please let me know in

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