How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J3

in this video we're going over how to

unlock the Samsung Galaxy j-3 taking use

it with any carrier


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post new videos we're going to show you

today how to unlock your j-3 so you can

use it with just about any carrier go to

the phone app for the first step here

you're going to tap on the dialer and

type in star pound zero six pound that's

going to show us the IMEI for the next

step we're going to go to Google Chrome

and we're going to go to the website the

unlocking company.com and we're going to

just answer a couple of prompts starting

with the manufacturer of the phone which

is Samsung and the model you're gonna go

down to Galaxy j-3 there are a lot of

galaxies fYI j-3 tap unlock now


on the next page you're going to answer

a few more of the prompts so where you

purchase the phone and the carrier tap


and on this next page you will need to

enter the IMEI that you got in the first

step of the video so we'll go ahead and

input that now put in your first and

last name your email address your phone

number as well before you get order now

make sure you read the disclaimer right

here which lets you know that this

unlock is its unlocking the phone so you

can use it with any GSM carrier and

examples of GSM carriers are AT&T

t-mobile metro pcs Creek Gate Consumer

Cellular and the carriers that you will

not be able to use the phone with our

CDMA which is a different type of

network so any fall under a CDM net CDMA

network will not work even though the

phone is unlocked because the networks

are different so some CDMA networks are

Verizon Sprint Boost Mobile cease fire

and several others my advice to you is

if you don't see your carrier on either

of these lists just google their company

and just type the CDMA or GSM it'll tell

you what type of network they use or go

to their website and look for a link

that says bring your owns or bicycle fat

ability and in that you can use the

interest of information about the phone

and they will tell you if the phone

would be compatible with their network

it's important to check that first

because you don't want to unlock the

phone if it's not gonna work with the

particular network that you're trying to

use it on so definitely do your due

diligence check that first this is what

it normally cost to unlock the phone

this is what you're gonna pay so you

always get discount with the unlock

company this is the average turnaround

time after you submit the request and

it's important to note at the top of the

screen you will find a support phone

number a support email and a live chat

you can connect with if you have any

issues with the unlock from here we're

going to tap order now and while you

wait for that email message you're going

to just power down the phone hold down

the power button turn the phone off and

in the box of the phone you're going to

want to use this little sim tool to take

out the SIM card this is one of the few

phones you could still take the back off

so let's go ahead and do that you

actually may not need the sim tool but

now that think about it

take the back of the phone off you won't

take the battery out and usually the SIM

card is going to be somewhere in here at

this point you would just put in the new

SIM card you want to use

there we are battery back in put the

backpack home and you're gonna hold down

on the power button to reset the phone

now at this point you will need to wait

for the instructions from the unlocking

company they'll have the final steps

that you'll need to follow to finish the

unlock one thing it's important to just

understand is the the process to unlock

the phones constantly changes so for

that reason it's better for us to in the

video here at this point you just wait

for that response email or text from the

unlocking company with your PIN as well

as the final instructions and follow the

instructions and if you have any issues

that can't go back to one of those

support options to follow up they have

great customer service now make sure

your unlock gets completed we hope you

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