How to carrier unlock any boost mobile phone (HD)

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today it's going to be an important and

awesome topic that I have for you that I

I don't know why I haven't researched it

or talked about it till now

but I said thank you to my lovely wife

she gave me this information and I

confirmed it so as the title suggests

i'ma show you or tell you more likely

more likely how to get your phone

unlocked so my wife was telling me that

a customer had the LGG stylo and she

just had it for maybe three months she

wanted to get it unlocked you know so

you can use it with another carrier so

she called customer service and customer

service told her that yes she could do

it guys so yes you can unlock a boost

mobile phone I don't exactly know if all

of these apply you would honestly have

to call customer service um like I did

but there's a couple phones that I do

know that will work so I know the LGG

styler will work if you get it you can

get it a factory unlocked basically

you're getting all locked from Boost

Mobile so you can use it with another

carrier say they do take a simcha now

and I have been reading something about

it someone told me or I knew that you

can do a a CT warp just like the first

warp like a really old old warp um

except I called Blues Mobile I don't

know if it's something new maybe it's

you know beta kind of I really don't

know I'm had to get more information but

I just want to make this video to kind

of do yeah um and then another thing

that she did um also she called about

her iPhone she has a like I said my wife

has an iPhone 6 plus

I'm with Boost Mobile you know she

realizes she doesn't want to change or

anything she's you know um you know she

has excellent service and everything and

she likes it but you know we

down the road let's say we move

somewhere where there's some signal or

something um will she be able to use it

with another carrier and so she called

us well and they told her yes and she'll

be able to unlock especially I thought I

know an iPhone some Andrew phones maybe

not but definitely an iPhone I know you

can get them you know unlocked and stuff

like that um and I said gee style you

can do the galaxies you can do um and I

think some LG's as well I said the LG G

style you can do it but here's the catch

guys you won't just be able to do it

yourself or anything like this there's a

catch to it and there's no real way

around it unless you find some taking

there do that knows how to do it but

honestly I don't know but the legal way

that I know how to do it is you have to

have your phone for at least a year guys

so yes a year like said the my wife's

customer um had the LG G style for about

three months

she said and so they called and they

said that yes you would be able to do

with the custom carrier would be able to

unlock it but she has to have the phone

for at least one year and you know that

wasn't the case my wife also hasn't had

her phone that long I think she got in

August August so she's had what four

months so she has to do a year before

they can basically customer service says

is um it takes about a year for her the

customer service people to get the

number you know because you have to type

in a number on your phone to get it to

unlock so the lock code or whatever it

takes them about a year to get it so you

have to have the phone this year which

honestly is reasonable you know most

companies you know especially signed

contract take two years you know once

you're done with the contract where if

you pay off the phone you know it's

yours you can get unlocked with boost

mobile is only one year so it's not bad

guys so after that you know you pop a

SIM chip activated and all that good

stuff so I'm excited guys that that's

good you know so like I said you have

the call customer service talk to them

like I said not all phones got to work

but so far it confirmed

the iPhones you can do it and then the

LGG stylo but definitely and some

Samsung's but definitely guys what do

you what you guys think is it good is it

bad personally for me I think it's good

you know one year you know show your

loyalty to your company that you chose

one year you know I'll go flying by and

then you can get a lot if not you know

just keep it to my wife and like I said

she's happy with Boost Mobile in our

area we get excellent service so and you

know fir what $35 a month she gets with

four gigs of high-speed Internet so as I

bad so yeah guys hopefully liked it

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