How to unlock any phone and use it on any carrier


hey what's up everybody its Vic and I'm

back with another video now this video

here I'll be showing you how to unlock

your device so you can go ahead and use

it on any network I mean it doesn't

matter if it's not paid off it doesn't

matter if you got a bill and they don't

matter what it is ok this goes head this

goes ahead and shows you how to unlock

your device when we first get into this

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now time to get to the next thing a lot

of people saying hey Rick how'd you know

I had a phone I'm switching this and

network or switching now network are you

want to use it somewhere else and you

like people have phones that I'm paid

off with just have fun sitting around so

go ahead and show you I don't like my

galaxy us now I had a TA and I switched

over to Verizon and I wasn't about to

pay for ID on a new phone all together

with Verizon when I had a s 10 re am is

nine plus as well from master so when I

did you can find us in own and the

Android Play Store sorry my own beats

you back in a minute and the Google Play

Store there it's probably gonna call

back again I'm good for that go ahead

and get out the Play Store dr. sim

mobile okay now this here you're pretty

good at if you tell you how to unlock

the format you can choose okay your

order status my orders have something

fulfill it already but none don't you go

do we hit unlock phone but sure I am

meeting number in okay I tells you how

to do it

alright once you do that let it go ahead

and email you let me show you my email

here well this is the one after I got

mine within 24 hours but anyway placed

order yes to them so I can find that

message here soon this is yesterday

where please is not currently reported

stolen and yeah yeah yeah this was just

yesterday see 220 no you go back that's

what I pay for it mean it cost me like

$36 whatever anyway but anyway um

where's it uh latest message here

alright so here are the instructions

yeah yeah yeah

AT&T with you know I am number whatever

you get all that it's unlocked

okay let me go ahead and show you I'm

currently using my network is currently

Verizon so you got to come line

let's see I want to leave my phone

number on there so I'm gonna do this but

I'll get my phone number up there let's

try this another way here connections

mobile networks amigo network operators

Verizon you see that for a rising okay

it's legit man check them out dr. Sims

ain't pay for this and then I'm just

letting y'all know so you know it took

me 24 hours