How To Unlock LG Stylo 4 To Any GSM Carrier Fast and Easy step by step tutorial

hey what is up guys John Fermat to check

review in today's video I'm gonna show

you guys how to unlock the LG star go

for quick fast and easy so let's go

ahead and get right into it go ahead

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like that you want to do when you want

to unlock your phones go ahead and get

this off the way you gonna go ahead and

hit star pound zero six pound that's

gonna find your IMEI so go ahead and

write this down keep it

don't lose it because you're needed in

the next step to pry these guys and the

next step in the process is you're gonna

go to the unlocking company comm here we

go let's go ahead and go ahead and head

over to the website now what you want to

do is you want to find what kind of

manufacturer model you have so this is

the LG star before so let's go ahead and

take a look from the cricket so we go

ahead and go to LG then we got some

model number it's going to we're gonna

put in style for real fast and easy this

website is this Team Rocket company comm

definitely want to check them out for

any of your unlocking needs so here we


I got do is go look keep looking keep

looking LG star lo dududu see and they

have lots and lots of phones guys so go

ahead and definitely check them out in

the description below to go ahead and

unlock your video or unlock your phone

no matter which phone you have here we

go style of four boom unlock now so as

as soon as the phone comes out they

typically have it immediately up on the

website if they don't have they do not

have your particular model on the

website you can also put unlock all like

you know any LG or any motor oil or any

ZTE and whatnot so I'll go ahead and go

your next step is gonna be you're gonna

pick where you got it from and this

particular model is a cricket model

we're gonna go ahead and head to next

once you head to next right there

your next step right here is actually

going to be you're gonna put in your I

me eyes you can see here your full name

and your delivery email where you want

this you know I'll deliver that so the

average cost of the consumer or

competitors websites are $28.99 you say

$15 so I'm lucky that this LG style for

from clinical Wireless is literally only

14 bucks and it's five to sixty minutes

and you will have that so let's go ahead

and do that and I'll wait for that I

don't get to the next step in the

process is you're gonna go ahead and

unlock unlock you're gonna actually put

in your handy-dandy sim ejector tool

that you got with your phone if you do

that did not get this handy-dandy or sim

sim ejector tool you can use a needle

you can use you know some earrings and

you go ahead and stick that in there and

I'm gonna go ahead and put in a MetroPCS

SIM card something just put in any sim

card that's not from the carrier that

you got it from to go ahead and get the

unlock problem which I will show you

here in just a second guys and once you

actually go ahead and put your sim card

in bootloop the phone back up this is

what you're gonna get sim network unlock

pin attempt 1 out of 10 so you're gonna

go ahead and want to hit put in your

unlock pin so let's go ahead and show

you that and I'll shoot I'll show you

what kind of screen pops up after that

guys and now as you can see it says sim

network unlock successful so once you

have successfully unlocked your phone

now your phone is now compatible with

any GSM carriers such as metro pcs

simple Bobo Cricket Wireless I mean

really anything you really want to use


you know tell cell America whatever


manufacturer phone you want to use

Consumer Cellular

so go ahead like I said go ahead and

visit the unlocking company comm let

them know that I sent you

hopefully you guys enjoy this video

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what you know what you're looking

forward to getting unlocked in the

future and hopefully you guys have a

great one and also big shout outs at the

unlocking comfy comm for sponsoring the

video and I'll see you guys