** How To Access Boost Mobile Lg Stylo 3 Recovery Mode Hard Reset Menu **

what's up everybody this is fire hands

boys I'm here to hit all up in another

video this is the LG style 3 I am going

to show you all how to hit the recovery

mode on this thing

i'ma sit right here as you can see in a

second ok so now you just you see it on

you just want to do you want to make

sure to come the phone is off so I'm

gonna power off right here go ahead and

power it off I know you can't see it now

that the phone is off now you're gonna

want to do the same thing that you did

with the other phone

you're gonna put him down and you're

gonna hit the power button right here so

you're gonna hold it down once again and

the power button boom recovery mode pops

up then you can take it from there you

can also run the graphics test as you

can see there then also Mountain system

wipe the cache partition and do wipe

data/factory reset' apply update from

the SD card you can also do all of that

so that's a good deal

all right you people the ones this week

cricket you might not be able to do it

if you would cricket if you're getting

the LG in style 3 that's unfortunate

I think t-mobile they got like a lock on

theirs to where you can't get inside the

BIOS and the servers and stuff like that

on the on the phone like that you can't

get into it but Boost Mobile they let

you do it it's firing its blazing

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menus and stuff set up so that y'all

guys can play the game easier firings

waiting signing out peace and thank you

for watching the video peace out