How I Unlocked my LG Stylo 2 Plus for Metro PCS/T-Mobile

what's going on everybody Paul Tech here

and today I want to share with you how

simple it is to unlock your devices so I

have the lg stylo 2 plus here and I

haven't quite had it for 90 days yet but

the company that I use I really do trust

I wanted to share with you because I

have just received the unlock code for

my styler to plus but before I unlock it

let me go ahead and show you the company

that I use to unlock my devices I

actually heard about this company from a

fellow youtuber of mine JG tech blog so

he's very good he covers a lot of great

devices a lot of great content on his

channel so let me go ahead and just go

to one of his videos here so he actually

has a link on his description of his

videos here to do is click on that and

then it's going to bring up the website

here and then right up on top of says if

you're looking for phone unlocking

services visit now and then right here

is unlock the source so that's the name

of the company that I use unlock the

source and it's a really great company I

mean I'm going to actually demonstrate

to you how I unlocked my LG styler 2

plus in just a moment but they give you

all types of information here different

unlocking services that they provide and

again this is a company that I trust

over basically anybody else on the

internet or on eBay so check it out if

you aren't interested in unlocking your

LG styler tube plus your other Android

devices iPhone I mean they have a list

of services that they provide here so

that's the website here unlock the

source com so let me go ahead and go

back and show you with my lg styler 2

plus here let me go ahead and open it up

alright so I'm going to actually unlock

this right now to show you so I'm going

to go to the MetroPCS app

device unlock your device unlock

settings have not been yet applied you

must restart your device to apply these

settings so okay so I'm going to restart

now as you can see there and then click

on the metro pcs app the device unlock

option has been removed now so I should

be able to use this now on different

carriers so I'm going to ahead and power

this device off now and then I'm going

to input the SIM card from my idol for


the Cricket Wireless SIM card here go

ahead and place it inside the lg stylo 2

plus now there you go look at C and it

is inside there alright let's pop in the


all right so I'm going to go ahead and

power this device on now

LG life's good powered by Android all

right so as you can see there I am

getting now text messages from Cricket

Wireless now so it's telling me to set

up my voicemail so after inputting the

Cricket Wireless SIM card in I got a

message from Cricket Wireless about

setting the APN and the MMS so I'm going

to go ahead and install that now install

that so it's been a little bit of time

now and it does say cricket on the

corner there and it does show 4G LTE of

course I could use my fingerprint to

unlock this or I can use a code but I

just want to show you just how

everything is working very smooth the

device is completely unlocked go to the

Google Play Store I'm not on Wi-Fi just

on the 4G LTE everything is just running

perfectly fine again that device unlock

company is excellent to check out these

guys drop their link in the description

below check out jg tech blog also he has

a great channel over 20,000 subscribers

alright everybody this is Paul Tech and

I'll talk to you on the next one