How to Unlock iPhone 6S Plus for ALL Carriers (Boost Mobile, Sprint, AT&T Verizon, ETC)

what's up guys it's Janet from unlocking

universe and today I'll be unlocking

iPhone 6s plus so you can use it with

any GSM carrier in the world so to

demonstrate the process I'm going to use

t mobile version and unlock it so I can

use it on my AT&T network but you can

use this video as a guide for any

carrier so first off we need to get the

unlock to start the unlocking process

one of the best and most trusted

websites to get all your network unlocks

is unlocking universe comm so head on

over to unlock in universe comm and

select your phone manufacturer in the

phone model from the drop-down list and

on the next page go ahead and select the

country where the phone was originally

purchased from and the carrier of the

phone in my case I purchased it in the

United States and the original carrier

is t-mobile so before we continue we do

need the IMEI number of the phone and

the way you look that up on your phone

is to open up the dial pad and enter in

star pound zero six pound once the phone

displays the IMEI number you have to go

back on the website enter that in once

everything is filled out select order

now and that will take you to the final

screen where you have to checkout once

you've finished checking out Weill

remotely unlock your iPhone but you will

need to finish the unlocking process on

your end and here's what you need to do

before we continue we need to put the

SIM card that you want to use with your

iPhone so pop open the SIM tray that

should be located on the side and put in

sim crime that you would like to use

with the iPhone if your SIM card doesn't

fit then you have to adjust the size in

order for it to work there's a link down

below to show you how that's done once

the SIM card is inside the phone go

ahead and turn it back on you should get

a sim and valid message as soon as it

boots up which is fine next step is to

plug in your iPhone to your PC and open

up iTunes it should automatically ask

you to log in using your Apple ID and

password once you log in a message will

pop up congratulating you on unlocking

your phone as you can see here I'm using

my t-mobile iPhone 6s plus on my 18-to

Network so that's how you unlock your

iPhone 6s plus for any country if this

video helped you guys out please feel

free to leave a like and if you have any

problems or any questions at all feel

free to leave them in the comment

section down below I will answer them as

soon as possible and thanks for watching