Boost Mobile Phone Unlocking Policy Explained// Unlock Your Phone for Another Carrier

hey guys I'm back on clean home video in

today's video we're gonna be talking

about boost mobiles unlocking policy

when it comes to smartphones and using

them with a different carrier so I know

I made a video about four years ago on

this topic and I think a lot of people

didn't really understand it but this is

how you unlock your cooze mobile device

to be used on a different network and of

course there's a lot of like red flags

and a lot of things you must know about

this so I like that Boost Mobile is

upfront with you you know like I said

we'll read into it and out I'll get to

it but they are upfront with you about

their unlocking policy so let's get into

it guys you can just Google whose mobile

policy you can get here let me kind of

zoom in a little bit just so we can kind

of see it better since it's a little

some doubt but it says wireless services

checklist it says with so many choices

when shopping for wireless products and

services on service we want to be sure

you find the right device implant and

understand the fine print so like I said

there's always fun with printing with

every carrier yes every prepaid carrier

especially there is a fine print guy so

Metro has it

Cricut has it I'm not sure if I think

crickets six months and metro is six

months as well two year I'm not don't

quote me on there like I said but I know

you have to wait as well to unlock the

phone and yes guys I know there's

different companies out there that stay

they can unlock your phone but from my

experience once like Apple releases an

update a software update sometimes it

will knock that unlock off and then you

have to pay for it again and you know

from personal experience I don't know

people I've done this yes it works for a

while but after that you know I don't

know maybe they didn't do it correct or

what but like I said I've never done it

so just you know my my words there - you

guys have wisdom you know so says these

include a planning device checklist you

can use while you're shopping to find

important details on plants charge

charges and coverage a terma condition

so FAQ yeah so answering questions that

answer key questions such as fees and

surcharges handset insurance trial

period but parental controls and more

and you can learn more about that but

the main thing is we're working on or

talking about the unlocking policy here

so this is domestic Simon lock DSU

refers to enabling the sim slot of your

device to allow you to insert another

carrier's SIM card so if you know guys

if you have an unlock iphone or a

Samsung like let's say this unlocked a

nine plus that I have here that's my

main phone I don't have to worry about

waiting a month or a year anything like

that or six months or whatever it is

because I bought the phone unlocking yes

it's more expensive than if you would

get it to prepaid or a carrier sometimes

because the in unlock phone lets you you

know to use it anywhere really so versus

this if you try to pop a SIM card let's

say you have an iPhone 7 through Boost

Mobile or Metro whatever it is and you

try to pop a SIM card from let's say

Verizon or you SLE or Sprint whatever it

is it might say that's not compatible or

say that sim is not compatible and that

the phone's unlock please contact your

carrier and that's what you're gonna

have to do and that's where we're

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let's get into it so it says the Brennan

says sim1 locking a device will not

necessarily make a device interpreted

with another cares network additionally

sim unlocking a device may enable some

functionalities of the device but not

all RG or example a sim unlock device

may support voice services but not Data

Services won't activate on a different

network note not all devices are capable

of having some slot unlock that is true

not all phones so if you have like a old

let's say moto e 4 that might not be

compatible to be unlocked just because

it's it it doesn't have all that

technology to be unlocked but especially

if you have an iPhone of course that can

be unlocked and a Samsung and thing I

believe from a 7-up you can have it

unlocked at least from Boost Mobile you

know so that's that's pretty cool that

it does let you know that all devices

are compatible says please no blues

mobile devices which the owner has

attempted to reprogram or activate on

another carriers now or otherwise alter

from its initial programming or settings

may not be able to reactivate with Boost

Mobile that is true so when I tried

Boost Mobile I mean what I tried was it

ultra mobile or I can't remember

unreal mobile when I tried unreal mobile

and I popped my sim card in there and

the phone worked without activating a

boost mold service on it then I tried

going back to Boost Mobile

it said the device was not compatible I

had to contact Boost Mobile and this is

what they're talking about so be careful

with that says boost mode will only

activate devices certified to work with

boost mobile services Boost Mobile

cannot unlock phones from other carriers

so if you have Boost Mobile and you have

a phone from metro or something you want

to unlock it to use on boost they're not

going to do it you have to go to Metro

ok it says and here we go well here's

the execrating says general eligibility

for unlocking this is the main thing we

want to get it to

so this booze mode will assist with

unlocking device under the following

circumstances one the device is similan

cape capable to the device has not been

reported as lost or stolen otherwise

flag that's in ineligible to be unlocked

so the phone if you grabbed it from your

friend and he stole it from his buddy

and if you're poor lost or stolen

they will not let you unlock it and then

three the device has been active on the

associate account for at least twelve

months this is the big thing out of

everything well apart from it being lost

or stolen but this is the main thing

guys Boost Mobile will let you unlock

the phone as long as you've had the same

phone on your account for at least

twelve months so that's a year so if you

just got your iPhone seven and then you

know you have it on your account this

whole time after twelve months or a year

you can get it unlock the Boost Mobile

I've actually have done this for

customers guys and yes I know it works

I've done personally so don't things

like oh there's just some gibberish no

it actually works a lot of times a lot

of people will either like break their

phone get a new phone or something where

they'll swap the phone within a year and

then you cannot get that phone unlock so

remember the phone has to be active on

your account for at least twelve months

if you've done that if you kept your

phone working for at least one year you

can get it unlocked so this is

compatible it's not lost stolen so

that's the big thing like I said you

will have to call Boost Mobile and then

you'll tell them hey I want to lock my

phone so I can use it with another

carrier sorry about that so I can use it

with another carrier that's me real

specific sometimes Boost Mobile doesn't

really understand what you're talking

about just be like hey I want to use

this phone with I don't know like I said

Verizon or whatever I've had my iPhone

whatever 7-4 for over a year or a year

and they will look into it they'll you

know you'll give them the meid or IMEI

of the phone or does your account to

look it up me like yes you've had it for

a year and then they'll guide you

through it once you pop a SIM card in

there from different carriers sometimes

it'll say put in the puk code and

they'll give you that code and then

it'll start working so I've literally

done it a couple times now so mainly

with iPhones I haven't tried it with the

Samsung I don't have customers that come

in here trying to unlock their Samsung

you know says the associate account is

active and in good standing so as long

as your bills pay for and everything and

your account is active that's another

thing a lot of people think oh I had

this iPhone in my drawer for over two

years it's good to be unlocked to know

it had be active on the Associated count

for at least one year and your account

has still be active and in good standing

so as long as like let's say you have

this this iPhone 7 right here I've

always had it I've had it let's say

going on two years and I'll do so I'll

just call blue smoke be like hey I've

had this phone for over a year it's been

on my line I've never replaced it or

have it you know do an insurance claim

or anything like that they will its

eligible to be unlocked and they don't

lock it for you can use it with any

other carrier then the last thing says

if you believe you meet the above

requirements and would like to request

that your TSU TSU compatible device be

unlocked contact us Mobile customer care

by dialing and then there's the number 1

888 boost for you which basically just

outputs more customers so if you have a

problem on a dial from a friend's phone

you know just blues most customer

service they'll guide you how to unlock

your phone now one thing is they will do

an unlock for the military personnel

that's pretty cool so Boost Mobile

greatly appreciates the service that our

US military men and women provide at

home and abroad says for military

personnel deployment overseas booze has

established a favorable unlocking policy

as following this policy was not there

when I was at when I first you know was

unlocking phones for people says the

devices could pay compatible of

international similar mainly gonna be

probably an iPhone the subscriber is an

active member of the branch the United

States military as well as family

members who are the same account as

deployed personnel the subscriber has

been issued overseas deployment papers

the person requesting the unlock is a

current author I thought to Kate it

authenticated Boost Mobile customer the

account is in good standing and each

phone number is allowed up to two

unlocked devices within a 12-month

period so if you have your deployment

papers and all that stuff guys you can

get it unlocked you know because you're

getting deployed and they'll let you

take your phone overseas so that's

pretty cool bug Sarah that is about it

guys hopefully it wasn't too boy

hopefully I did a good job of describing

this thing for watching guys please

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