Unlock Boost Mobile - How to unlock a Boost Mobile phone free

oh the first thing is go to your phone

and go to the dial screen app and press

star hash zero six hash a 15 digit

number will pop up on your screen make

sure you write down this number okay so

now that we are in our computer you have

to log in to that website and once

you're there you're gonna have to

provide some information about your

phone and look for the exact model

you're trying to unlock then that I'm a

number this is the 15 digit number that

we found out on the previous step then

you have to enter that email where you

wish to receive the unlock code as well

as the instructions you should be

receiving an email to the email that you

provided something like this

and here you can see detailed

step-by-step instructions of how to

insert your unlock code

there you go so I'm gonna go ahead and

now remove the sim so I'm just gonna put

one from AT&T which I'm gonna be using

my phone with the AT&T network there you

can see so go ahead insert the new theme

and you can do this with a phone turn

off or turn on doesn't matter so go

ahead and then turn on the phone or go

to the screen and it's gonna ask me

because the first time I'm using this

phone so it's asking me to select my

country or my region it's gonna ask me

to connect to a Wi-Fi connection just

select your Wi-Fi network and you will

have to to enter the password if you

have a password on your Wi-Fi network

and after this cap after you're done

connecting to your Wi-Fi network it will

automatically look on the iPhone servers

and check if the phone is unlocked so

right now it's trying to get a signal

and I believe we just got one there you

go guys the phone is activated it's

completely factory unlocked I'll catch

you on the next one goodbye