iPhone and android activation secret code boost mobile best video

thanks for watching I'm gonna show you

guys how to program once you've like

entered your ESN online and you're all

done these are programming instructions

for your boost phones for androids when

you go to your phone's dial pad you're

gonna push pound pound seven two seven

eight six pound and then send I think

you hit Send on the androids if you

don't it just starts programming by

itself but for sure the iPhones when you

have an iPhone you hit pound pound eight

seven three two eight three pound on

your dial pad and that one automatically

starts programming it says phone is

updating phone is activating because

even though you put your your

information to switch your device online

it doesn't automatically program about

80 percent of the time so you need these

programming instructions and trying to

get a hold of a live person with boost

is nearly impossible and I'm just

throwing these up here because when I

tried to find out how to program my

iPhone some guy had like an eight-minute

video on YouTube we'll just get straight

to the point because people don't have

time for that and don't want to hear all

the other bullcrap that you're trying to

do so they can sit there and watch your

video so you could rack up money on your

little commercial or whatever you're

doing so this is quick and easy straight

to the point I hope this video helps you

out give me a thumbs up real simple

androids iPhones how to program boost

mobile phones manually programming so

thanks for watching have a good day