How to Unlock any Phone from Boost Mobile FREE

today I will be doing a short tutorial

video demonstrating how to unlock any

phone out there no matter if your phone

it's an Oprah or no model or the newest

model so let's go ahead open the box

let's see if it's turn on there you go

and we're gonna see what we have to do

to get started okay choose the language

and it states you're gonna have to

connect to a wireless network okay



okay so this is where we're gonna start

the process so the first thing that

you're gonna have to do is go to your

dial screen and you're gonna press the

following star pound zero six pound now

you will see a 15 digit number display

on your screen I'm talking about this

one that one that says I'm a we're gonna

go back to our phone and all we have to

do is I remove a sim and insert anything

that at the moment it's unsupported so

on my case insert anything except one

from Verizon Wireless

so let's go ahead and open the SIM tray

okay I'm gonna remove that one should be

Verizon there you go

and you can insert as I said any sim

from any carrier so I'm gonna go ahead

and I'm going to be using mine with an

AT&T network

okay and then go back to your phone open


and there you go iPhone is activated if

your phone wasn't connected to a Wi-Fi

network then probably you should have

connected to a wife and mine was already

connected so it didn't ask me to connect

to a Wi-Fi network but I just inserted

the sim and as you see the iPhone is now

activated now it's Kerry unlocked you

can use it with any GSM carrier