HARD RESET HTC Desire 510 - Boost Mobile

alright guys today we're going to be

hard resetting and HTC Desire 510 from

Boost Mobile so the very first thing you

want to do on this is take off the

battery turn off the phone so make sure

the phone's off whip the phone off what

you're going to want to do is hit the

volume down and power button at the same

time keep it in that takes a couple

seconds once you do that you're going to

go into this screen here gives you 3 a

couple of options but the one we're

looking for is a third one factory reset

so you're going to want to scroll down

with the volume down button and then you

want to select with the power button

just going to do this it's actually

going to go through I think two screens

it's all part of the white paint process

just give it a couple of seconds maybe a

minute or so it's going to do all of

this turn off turn back on and once the

device is back on it'll be just as it

was when you took it out the box

hopefully this hope you guys