LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 A-Bomb Unlock Location + Free Roam Gameplay

what's happening everybody J shockblast

here we are in hello and we were about

to unlock Rick Jones oh my god I can't

believe I accidentally called him Adam

Jones in the video I made a few days ago

god forbid you did not let me for know

that you knew that I was wrong holy cow

let's do this I was in my own world

there but you know not in the same way

that jerk Kang is who's he think he is

uprooting everyone from their homes and

dumping them in his own private

amusement park it really bums my egg

still nothing we can do about it I guess

except keep taking out his goons when

they crop up it just makes me so mad

come on I need to go hit stuff let's

find some troublemakers and put a stop

to them

now we're talking c'mon won't take us

long to find some of those creeps over

there who do they think they are I'll

teach you to bother defenseless beep

yeah this is for the time that guy

smashed up my guitar let's keep going

so a bomb is it's weird he finds a way

in every game I know people love their

hulks so I don't think anybody complains

about it but


that all of them I'm not gonna rest

until I wiped them all out

go to the Brick City they said the stock

markets never been there another gang of

those things I got a message for your

so-called leader


I love it out a bomb is taking us all

the way into the land of Noir

if there was ever one that I was going

to get right away it was that one

because those ones can be fairly

annoying ticky dodge things I love agent

Venom's ability there wow we're gonna

keep fighting all the way into Egypt

this I'm telling you search heroes

wrestle scorpions it's unlike 3

gazillion views already

what can I say I just like me

I'm keep it low-key like low-key Barry

search heroes wrestle scorpions it's

unlike I think agent venom is going to

easily make my top 10 list I don't know

what came over me there I just got so

mad all I wanted to do was do something

crazy like punch a boulder or something

man I can't keep acting this way I'm

just gonna end up scaring the people I'm

trying to save and then I'm no better

than Kang what I need is the help of

some chill dude to help me keep my anger

in check but who actually doesn't Wonder

Man have a pretty laid-back view

nowadays you think he can help me out

I don't worry I'm alright now

but I'm definitely gonna talk to Wonder

Man about this rage problem

all right so that's gonna open us a

quest so we definitely want to get a

bomb where's a bomb there we go 50,000

thankfully so here is a bomb and he

transformed into Rick not Adam Jones and

atomic elbow so I mean we've seen a bomb

a bunch of times before he's been in

both of the other games

he's obviously part of the agents of

smash I believe so we need to go find

Wonder Man next let's look at his card

so Rick Jones he can fire protection

toxic goo toxic gas smash walls hyper

jump stealth strength whoa he's stealth


all right so captured by am Rick Jones

was subjected to cellpadding stolen from

bruce banner as MODOK hope to transform

him into their own personal Hulk like


however Rick's will prove too strong to

be subjugated and he escaped

now with powers comparable to the Hulk

Rick helps others and goes by the name a

bomb he has since become a valuable ally

to the Avengers first appearance 1962

Incredible Hulk number one as Rick Jones

so there he is

booyah so we're gonna keep this party

rolling we're gonna go find Wonder Man

get him some help

and hopefully that unlocks a gwenpool

mission yeah