How To Create a Secret Board On Pinterest (Private)

hey guys welcome back to another

technology guru video have a little

quick video I want to share with you

guys in case you're wanting to know how

to create a secret board within


they just released this feature not too

long ago and these boards are only able

to be seen by people that you invite so

if you're having a surprise party or

you're having a wedding and you do not

want your spouse to see the dresses that

you are pinning and you only want your

maid of honor to see it you can do that

via a secret board in order to do that

you will need to log in to your

Pinterest account go over to your

profile once you're at your profile

you'll then want to scroll all the way

down to the bottom and then you'll see a

new option here that is available with a

little lock beside it that says secret

boards you then have three options here

where you can create three different

secret boards click on that you are then

presented with the create a board option

you can name your board so I'm going to

name this board surprise and then you

can actually give this board a category

so let's go ahead and put it in the

do-it-yourself in crafts category you

can turn the secret board option on our

or off but once you turn it off you no

longer can make it secret again and then

you can say who can pin or who can see

it and then you'll type their email

address of that friend in here and click

on the invite button and you and them

are now involved in this crazy little

world of just a secret board that you

and them can see only once you're done

with that click on the create a board

option just like that and now when you

scroll down you see your little secret

board with a lock beside it there so you

can say that no one else can see it but

the people that you want kind of like

you're on little Club so anyways guys

that's how you create a Pinterest secret

aboard if you've got any questions on

how to go about doing this put them in

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