How to unlock and lock BMW without using the key fob

okay YouTube this is a kind of a video

that I've been searching for weeks on

how to do this Comfort access on the BMW

because mine isn't working right so but

what's interesting is my child and not

well my 12 year old I should say not

child my 12 year olds out here and I

were washing the car and kempt with his

discovery so I've got the key right put

in the pocket car's locked of course you

know when you put your hand in the

handle and unlocks it as you see there

is it locked

what's interesting on mine is all the

videos that I've watched everybody puts

their finger on the top of the handle

what's interesting about mine is about

touch the lock or just to the side of

the lock they lock it back so let's do

that again

so in the handle it's unlocked touch

just the lock just to the inside of it

it's locked back just that somebody

might be able to benefit from that