How To Break Into A BMW That Is Locked And Has A Dead Battery !!!


all right

so let's give you a scenario battery's

dead in your BMW can't get into it most

is older BMWs ki-46 e39 he 53 even he 85

e 83 so on a 90 most of them have

different keys and maybe key don't work

maybe your locks messed up where he

can't get into the trunk whatever the

case may be we don't know I want to show

you today how to get in your BMW was

only to certain tools we're seeing here

I need it's a pair of jumper cables that

pretty much goes without saying or a

battery charge will work also so we're

gonna need that we're gonna need a piece

of wire such as like this needs to be a

little bit on the heavy side this is

that was this 12 gauge probably maybe

even 14 needs at least be that so let's

give a scenario here two different

scenarios one is you just seen a jumper

BMW maybe you have the hood open

you probably don't if you're having

problems getting out lock it probably

isn't open but just in case it is I'll

show you where the terminals are on

these different cars okay so on a 33 on

six-cylinder and v8 there is a charge

terminal up here that's put the positive

obviously on the negative there is a

terminal right here and we're at the

driver's side fender right next to a

filter housing this guy right there you

clamp your your jumper cables on those

so negative and positive that's what the

hoods open but let's say that the hoods

stuck shut what are you gonna do that so

assuming your skid your plastic skid

plate is off which it should be if not

you're probably asking for a blown

engine you get a drip of that plastic

skid plate and you can't see what's

leaking or what's going on and for you

know it

you're ready a big problem so what we're

gonna do we're gonna reach your arm up

from under the driver's side so a fifty

three you don't have to jack it out

there's enough room to get up there and

get to it we're gonna try to locate the

alternator which is only fifty three the

alternator is right there there's on the

bottom of the engine that makes this a

little bit easier so I'll try to get you

down in there and show you you can see

right where does it go here oh this is

actually unplugged that's pretty sweet

there is a terminal that is on the front

of the alternator plugged it back in so

we have the main plug which is right

there this is the water-cooled

alternator right down below it I don't

know if I get you in there or not right

below it you see that none and how this

works is that nut is should this be a

plastic cap it depends on if it's been

taken off or not but that is where

you're gonna want to put your jumper

cable lead now you calhfa's a camp

probably more likely I can't reach the

jumper cables and cells up in there so

what you're gonna do you're gonna clamp

your piece of wire in one side of your

jumper cable that's gonna leave you a

hot end and you don't want to strip it

back for you far because you won't be

hitting stuff when you're putting it up

in there alright that's gonna give you a

hot in to go up there and touch that up

there now you're negative you could put

that anywhere you clamp that just on any

control arm underneath you clamp it just

am there anywhere you want that's metal

and once you touch this on to the

alternator bolt that's gonna power the

car up now that'll let you get in the

car or give you enough power to unlock

it or pop the hood and then you could

get the hood open or the hatch open you

can charge it correctly that was on VA e

53 so 4.4 liter

now II for t6 which is what this is

within 54

has the terminal on the passenger side

so if we're going to go ahead and jump

this you need to go to the passenger

side right there and that's your

positive and then over here in this

little box is your negative terminal so

that's how you charged him under the

hood now we remind you it's probably

almost always best to charge a car from

the rear from the battery and the trunk

or the battery in the hatch however that

being said we all know that you guys

that have East 73-53 the battery is not

that easy to get to so a lot of guys do

it up here now on this car you should

already have the skid plate gone if you

don't you guys know I feel about that

saying gets the dripping something you

won't see it especially coolant before

you know it you're out of cooling you're

melting your engine down if you have

that off your the driver side e46 you

might have to jack it up a little bit

depends on how long your arms are and

it's a little hard to see up here the

alternator is right here right under the

power steering box so this one you have

to be kind of double-jointed you can see

right there is a terminal but you can

definitely reach him behind the Spanish

uh tank reaching up there with the lead

touch it on there if he has somebody

else or your key fob in your other hand

then he can unlock the car and get in

and then of course be thirty-nine with a

six cylinder you could do the same way

as this car he could reach up or

anything and do it

the e39 or a 38 so 540 or 740 is going

to have the same not the same but a

similar type alternator to the e 50

through readers shows basically the same

way some of the depends on what year

I think it's pre 2001 540 and 740 had a

different alternator but it's the same

premise it's probably a good idea even

though you guys probably won't look at

your car before you have the problem

locate the terminal so if you ever lock

your car and you leave for a month or

two this how this happens let's say you

lock the car

and you live in a different city or you

the cars in storage over the winter you

click it locked and it sits there and

the battery goes dead pretty much any

BMW I've ever had if it sits for more

than a week the battery is dead or

really low just the way a BMW is most

cars are like that so be prepared for

that this is not that uncommon of a

problem I'll link here at the end of the

video somewhere up here one of the

corners I have a video where to buy the

$48 BMW batteries instead of spending

one hundred fifty two hundred dollars on

them but that's it guys that's the

charging points on these vehicles you

know e 90 is the same way you could

actually get to that from the driver

side from underneath but you're gonna

have to pull that stupid great big huge

giant skid plate off or at least let the

front of it down you know see you can

reach it up or anything and get to it

that's it guys that's how you unlock

your keys or unlock your BMW with the

dead battery thanks for watching