Blu Phone * HOW TO Reset forgot PASSWORD screen Lock

everyone I'll show you have to reset a

blue phone most of them they'll be

pretty much same way it's blue I'm five

studio phone but most of them they'll be

same if you stuck at the password so

turn the phone off completely make sure

it's off and then you'll need to hold

the volume down and then press bar once

the phone is completely off you need to

hold volume down and then power

so hold the volume down and power until

I was gonna get you see the screen like

a reset screen the factory mode so you

can see right here and then you'll need

to clear MMC and then press power it's

gonna delete everything of your phone

completely it'll be just like E and I

know I'll be loading for a while so

everything is gonna be cleared it's

gonna be just like a new phone if you

want to wait and watch


okay so you can see just just like

bringing fun you'll have to set up

everything from the start and there is

no password nothing everything has been

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