Hard Reset BLU BOLD LIKE US Model C6 forgotten password - how to remove lock screen

hurry set for this blue bolt like us

smartphone and the model number is CSI

cat 6 okay the phone it has a lock

screen like password pattern on pin and

if you forgot the credentials then you

gonna go to use the volume I mean

external keys to help do a hard reset

must reset with hard work is and it is

important you know your email address

and password associated with this phone

because after the factory said you may

need to you may have to confirm Google

ok in order to proceed and get to the

home screen so and these process will

remove every PI I mean like pictures

videos or contacts with history email

addresses except Google on this phone so

you know it's a factory reset we're

gonna use volume up + power key you

wanna press these two buttons together

probably some six seconds and as soon as

they blue logo appears you're gonna

release only the power key but continue

holding volume up and when you see a

recovery menu with pure letters just

immediately release the volume up key


so let's press the volume up and in

power change release power button when

you see this logo appears continue

holding volume up and release volume up

when you see the recovery menu okay so

here you're gonna use volume down and

highlight scroll then highlight wipe and

the factory reset ok and then press

power key to confirm and second step is

a highlight yes using volume in town and

we already went through the everything's

gonna be delete on this phone memory

like pictures videos contacts

downloading applications email addresses

passwords and thing like that so and you

won't be able to retrieve it

measures well I be agree with that just

press the power key and the phone will

reboot at this time at the bottom we say

wiping data in wind just an

automatically you're gonna see it on the

screen reboot system now so just press

the power key once that is highlighted

and the phone will reboot at this time

okay so here is gonna take so I took a

few minutes on the blue level and then

put the font illustration set up in case

that your phone get stuck on the Pew

logo or anything else so just remove the

battery wait five seconds and put it

back in and start over again with the

same process okay so you need to

calibrate the pod abort and in case of

your experience and like a lot of drop

goals or your phone just goes off itself

to solve and that means something is

wrong with the motherboard such as do a

hard reset before doing the hard reset

make sure that your data back up with

your who account okay so we are on this

initial setup screen so you buy this

phone for the first time or you perform

a factory reset then that means or

something just go here and I'm gonna

check out the languages are you you can

use on this phone

these are the languages that you can

actually use

okay - I wanna stab it in English such

as press this turbine and you already

have an active sim calculator inserted

on this phone so you can have data or

just skip this step okay the first

option is copy your data that you

already have a Google account like email

and password select the first one to

register and now so you can retrieve

your information from Google to store it

in this new phone the second one is to

create a new phone new account and and

you need to have some data access so you

have to recertify everything like that

so just for now gonna skip this step

because I don't have anything to

register in about privacy just I press

accept and continue now we're gonna go

and select a time zone so select your

time zone here and now select your date

so you can use the arrow in the back on

the top and move up to select a month so

once you have the Manchester like the

day and hit the okay button to save

now it's a later time and select your

hour and the minutes and then you can

choose a a.m. or p.m. and hit okay and


okay now nickname for your phone select

a nickname that you only do remember

because in case that you lost your you

forget your lockscreen you need this one

to confirm that you are on the phone you

can continue and reset your lockscreen

like a password pattern or pin okay so

it is important you always remember it

is nickname because the only one I use

it when you're away or something on your

lock screen okay also if you lost your

phone and somebody else lost it after

many attempts they can like try and try

and try your lockscreen like your

password or your partner or your PIN and

and they may guess in your lock screen

okay so Google automatically will

consider that your phone has been lost

or stolen and then they're going to ask

and they own they were the person to

control confirm a verify nickname so

like majority of the time like hundred

percent of the time they never in case

they'll nickname for so for your safety

and security just select your nickname

again so just when you are ready just

hit the next button to continue and now

you can select lock screen for your

phone like your parent pin or password

so for now you're gonna if you want to

okay a parent just go and select the

pattern so press at that and draw the

one that you want to keep on your lock

screen and when you have the the end

point just released

click confirm the same so just draw and

release when you're done and press


okay I'll Google services so these are

the service