How To UnBlock Websites On School Chromebook 2020

hey guys I'm gonna show you today how

you can unblock any website from your

school Chromebook this works for almost

any comb books or any website so yeah

this has been a reoccurring issue so I'm

gonna show you guys and I'm gonna solve

it for you guys so yeah let's get right

into it so the first thing you want to

do is you want to go and create a new

tab and type in titanium network then

you do not want to do the YouTube or jet

bug what you don't want to do is scroll

down to the third one it says like yes

commands euro coop or something like

that it's super weird but yeah click

that and then what you're gonna want to

do is click search freely and then this

is the server we'll be using today so

don't click that yet but open a new tab

that way you're gonna want to do is

search up the website whatever website

you want to unblock in this case I'm

gonna do YouTube but don't actually load

the website because it'll block it

obviously I don't wanna do is copy the

link address

I can go back over to your other tab and

then click on the first proxy server

right there

one moment while it loads


okay so it might take a second to load

but we're here now so you don't want to

paste your link into that URL that it

gives you and then click on search

freely and look you got full access to

YouTube so there you guys have it there

is how to access any website from your

school chromebook and unblock it so yeah

thank you guys for watching and make

sure to subscribe please subscribe I

post three times a week and yeah peace